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Big News, Small Town

Class of '31 Spotlight

It’s Out Of Here!

It’s Out Of Here!

Carson Dubansky June 17, 2024

It was a Monday. Pizza day. The worst school lunch in my opinion. I was sitting next to my best friend Marc. I gagged when I picked up my slice of pizza. “It can't be that bad,” Marc said. Marc...

The Performance

The Performance

Avery Baker June 17, 2024

In October I got the role of Piglet in “Winnie the Pooh.” It was the performance day, I woke up and jumped out of bed. My room was cold and dusty. I walked out of my room and walked down the stairs.   “Good...

My Experience at Glenshire

My Experience at Glenshire

Layla Thorne June 17, 2024

It was a hot day in Truckee, and I woke up tired. And I went downstairs to eat some breakfast, and my mom spoke up.  “Hey, Layla, you start tutoring next week. Are you excited?’’ "Ya, I guess,...

My First Time at Glenshire

Daniel Collette June 17, 2024

I have lots and lots of memories but this was my favorite memory of all my memories.  It was December 5, 2022 and my family had just moved and I was feeling nervous about starting a new school.  I...

The Man Cave

Liam Dettling June 17, 2024

Me, James and Jeff were out for a snack when we decided that we needed a new spot to eat.   “Where should we sit,” asked Jeff. “How about over there?” I said. “Sure that looks great,”...

Jazzs Sleepover

Jazz’s Sleepover

Amelia Ciresi June 17, 2024

After school l was so excited about Jazz’s birthday party I walked home from school and got ready. I packed a pillow, blanket, stuffy and toothbrush.  I went in the car and my dad started driving...

Jazz’s Birthday Party

Alani Darias June 17, 2024

I was getting ready fresh out of the shower hurrying to find clothes to put on.  Amy’s dad called my mom saying they were already here.   It was too early, he said he would come at 4:30 pm yet...


Bryce Baker June 17, 2024

We were loading out of the cars “Gold” I yelled!  We were finally in the gold mining town from the 18th century. We had sat in our cars for 3 hours for a school field trip. It took forever to get...


Korbin Ward June 17, 2024

“TWEET, TWEET,” recess had just ended. “Alright we better go,” said James. James was my best friend. We hang out at recess together every day, then after school we play video games together.  “Okay,”...

The First Day

Josephine Pfandt June 17, 2024

It was the first day of school and I was already in a bad mood. All of my friends were in the same class and I wasn't. I've never talked to any of the people in my class except for a girl named Gigi! ...

Covid Goodbye

Lily Chappell June 17, 2024

I’m in first grade 2020, in Mrs. Repture's class it's almost release time. We are all lined up and I am standing behind Soy. Everyday me and Soy give Mrs. Repture a huge hug before we leave, Soy just...

The Days of P.E.

The Days of P.E.

Maverick De La Rosa June 17, 2024

I have a lot of memories in school, but my favorite memories are all in PE. Every Tuesday and Friday, PE is held in our classroom. There were lots of good times and fun games that I played. One game...

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