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Big News, Small Town

My First Time at Glenshire

I have lots and lots of memories but this was my favorite memory of all my memories.  It was December 5, 2022 and my family had just moved and I was feeling nervous about starting a new school. 

I said, “Mom, I don’t want to start a new school.” 

She said “It is okay to be nervous just walk in there and be cool.” When I first walked in, the kids treated me with kindness, but they also gave me funny looks. 

I made a couple of friends in the next couple of days and they were the most perfect days ever. The next day the 5th graders invited me to play football with them at the blacktop. I got the ball a lot of times. Recess was over and all the kids were going in. I went in with them. We started working on math, social studies, and computer stuff. It was really fun at Glenshire. 

The next day was the same old thing: Math, Social Studies, Computers, and Recess but one day we went to this farmy type place called Sagehen. It was really hot when we got there and cloudy when it ended. 

Then it was summer vacation. It was really really really hot on that day. It was really fun and there was a firetruck and many games and facepaint. It was a blast and when it all ended we went back to our classroom. There were 10 seconds on the clock when the time ended and all the kids came running out of the building. My mom picked us up and we zipped back home. 

I was thinking maybe we could stay home for the summer but mom said we were going to do something else instead of sitting around all day long. She said we were going to go to Orange County aka Yosemite. We left on June 21 and it was really fun. First we drove through this beautiful mountainside, then we drove through this awesome city, and finally we went through an amazing valley side. 

The minute we arrived in Yosemite we went to a rented home we got and it was big. We went inside the rented house and unpacked and guess what? I got in my own room. It had a tv, an xbox, And finally, it had a king bed. 

My mom said “Okay we are going to the hot tub.” Oh yeah the house came with a hot tub. 

Then I said “I’m going to watch TV in my room”  

“Okay! ” Mom said.

When mom came back from the hot tub we went down to the beach. 

“Okay kids, me and Doug are going to the beach now, who wants to come with us?” Mom exclaimed. 

Maryann said “Okay.”

Me and Samuel said “No thanks.” 

When summer vacation was over we packed our stuff up and left. When we got home we unloaded stuff and we were all really tired and we went to bed. Now that I’m finished with my story, I’m going to tell you what the next chapter in my life is. Oh and one more thing, this memory is important because, it tells me of how much fun I had with my family and the new friends I made. So now here is the next chapter in my life.  

The next chapter in my life

The next chapter that is in my life is to be a famous Youtuber because, if I’m a famous Youtuber then I can make money then I can pay for all the bills and I can pay for family vacations and finally for some new house improvements. Next for becoming a famous Youtuber is  also so I can  play different games and be very popular so then I can  pay for my college application. So this is the next chapter in my life.

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