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Publication Policy


At The Truckee Times (TTT) we believe that Freedom of the Press holds a great deal of responsibility. Our right to observe, record, and report on all aspects of the story, and to cover all perspectives is one we value. Our goal is always to responsibly, and truthfully inform our public audiences.

The staff and editors of The Truckee Times hold themselves to the highest level of responsibility when writing for the paper. We recognize our platform serves as the representation of the students and staff of Truckee High School’s community. This is one of many ways we hope our platform may benefit our readers. 

While we at The Truckee Times respect the concerns of our staff and adult audience, we would like to remind our readers that the Truckee Times is an independent student run publication and as such we are protected under the First Amendment. Any attempt of outside control or outside attempts to hinder the publication process is viewed as a violation of our First Amendment rights. 

This is not in relation to any concerns or complaints brought to our attention regarding errors made/found in a publication of TTT. 

The Truckee Times reserves the right to full control & responsibility of this publication while always making sure to adhere to California Education Code 48907. 


The Truckee Times is a place for open and safe communication. As reporters, we have a responsibility as a voice for the students and staff. 

In the event that a member of our publication publishes content that is purposefully misleading, misstated, or false The Truckee Times will issue an immediate redaction and public apology which will be followed by conducting an internal review. 

Consequences for the individual will be determined and handled by the paper’s Adviser. 

The Truckee Times publication handles situations brought to the paper’s attention (either from an outside source or within our own editing process) with an open mind to all sides of the story. However, to maintain a level of professionalism, as a free and open forum, our publication, to an extent, will protect our writers. The Editorial Board will not remove or prevent an article from being published simply because it is viewed as controversial or does not align with one’s personal beliefs; with that said The Truckee Times takes all accusations very seriously. All accusations or complaints will result in an immediate and thorough internal review.

The Truckee Times holds itself to the highest standard of responsibility and honesty when dealing with accusations or complaints in accordance with our ethics policy; the publication of unbiased and honest reporting is of utmost importance. 


While we at The Truckee Times reserve the right to choose what content is published in adherence to California Education Code 48907, we do make every effort to ensure that the content shared is free of any unnecessary profanities, obscenities, or any other possibly triggering content. 

The publication holds the right to publish all/any content in adherence to our policies even if it includes content that some may deem as inappropriate, profane, or unsuitable; members of the paper will discuss and decide whether or not obscene content is included or omit from an issue based on their findings.   


The Truckee Times is a student centered publication and organization. Major decisions regarding the publication as a whole will be made by Managing  Editors and/or the Editorial Board. 

The staff reporters have an obligation to maintain moral and ethical standards and expectations when writing.


The advisor has educated all staff in journalism ethics and laws. Although the advisor may offer suggestions, the advisor does not act as a censor. At times when student editorial interest wanes, the advisor will operate as de facto editor and manage organization and publication of student generated content. The school will provide a qualified and endorsed adviser for Truckee Times staff.  The adviser serves as a role model and educational resource who may guide the staff in accordance with editorial policy. 


The administration has provided the Truckee Times with a qualified journalism advisor and is not responsible or liable for approving or previewing content at any time. The administrators in the building have no jurisdiction over our publication. 


While the Truckee Times strives to be the best publication possible, we are an independent, student-run publication, and oversights may happen in which we will issue the prompt correction(s) as soon as possible. 

We at The Truckee Times apologize for any oversights or issues these may cause. 


The Truckee Times is an independent publication, because of this we adhere to the laws of the US Government in relation to independent press.

Each publication must adhere to the specific set of guidelines governing the press and each publication must be carried out in a legal manner. While we at this publication work to uphold a level of professionalism and maintain legality, The Truckee Times must, and will always try to, make every effort necessary to maintain ethical and legal operations.


Reporters at the Truckee Times, as well as its other staff, must always make a conscious effort to provide a credible source; however, there are possible factors that may prevent us from revealing a source, such as protecting the safety or life of a source. In this situation, writers will be permitted to share information from an anonymous source. 

We promise to provide anonymous sources in the event that –

  • There is no possible way to get the name or identification of a needed source
  • It has been approved by managing editors and the adviser
  • The source will provide the necessary information 
    • TTT staff reserves the right to decide what information is deemed necessary for said content
  • The safety or livelihood of a person will be put in danger 
  • The source has directly requested to remain anonymous with a provided reason


All staff/members of the Truckee Times are responsible for maintaining ethics & moral standards when interviewing as well as obliging to independent press laws. All sources must consent before being interviewed/published. No parties may be recorded in any way unless permission has been granted to the reporter, unless made known otherwise (ie. public forums, speeches, publicly known information, etc.). All interviews are private and only viewed/listened to by members of the paper as well as the paper’s advisor, while quotes may be public, the interview recording itself is not. 

All sources or parties interviewed must be asked to fill out a provided interview feedback form