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Big News, Small Town

The Man Cave

Me, James and Jeff were out for a snack when we decided that we needed a new spot to eat. 

 “Where should we sit,” asked Jeff.

“How about over there?” I said.

“Sure that looks great,” said James.

The new spot was a small nook between two classrooms sheltered from the wind. It was perfect. We grabbed our snacks and headed to the new spot. Just as we were about to sit down when another kid came along.

“Hey, can I sit with you guys?” said the kid.

“Sure what’s your name?” I asked.

“Bodin,” he said.

The next few minutes of snack were super fun. We even had another kid named David come and sit with us. Over the next few days the group of boys in the new spot got bigger and bigger until we decided to give the spot a name.

“How about The Shelter?” one kid said.

“No!” shouted another, “We should call it the Man Cave!”

So everyone voted and the Man Cave won. 

The next day in school we all came into class expecting a normal day. But instead we had to vote on which class rule would be added to our class. A couple of rules went by until someone named Ducas tried to ban the man cave. All the boys sitting in the group suddenly became very mad.

“You sit with us,” one boy shouted.

As another yelled, “Why would you ban it?”

“It is our man cave, we will not ban it!” we all shouted in unison.

The vote was quickly turned down and everything went back to normal. 

The next day we came back to school and everything was normal until snack time.

Once we got to snack all the boys went to sit in the man cave. We didn’t notice that anything was wrong until we turned around and saw Ducas sitting with us.

“Nope,” James said, “ You are not sitting here.”

“Why,” Ducas asked in an unknowing manner.

“Why do you think so?” I asked 

After a very long conversation we ended up getting Ducas out of our spot.

My experience at Glenshire Elementary school was very summarized by this experience and I hope more friend groups like this will happen in the near future.

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