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Big News, Small Town

The First Day

It was the first day of school and I was already in a bad mood. All of my friends were in the same class and I wasn’t. I’ve never talked to any of the people in my class except for a girl named Gigi!  Who was in my class in second grade. Which was 3 years ago. So I had to make new friends. But it got even worse. I was already going to be late, and my mom was yelling at me to go faster. So I had to get dressed in 2 minutes. I only had one banana and a waffle for breakfast. 

“Josie,” said my mom. 

“One more second I’m almost ready,” I answered.

Then I raced to the car and to my suprise the car was locked , 

“Mom!” I yelled. 

“What?”she yelled back. 

“The car door is locked” I yelled annoyed. 

“Ok, ok, ok,” she said while coming out of the house. She had her Birkenstock  slippers on.

Oh well, I thought to myself, Can’t do anything about it anyways.

The sun was in my eyes, in a good way though.

When my mom opened the car door I jumped in the car and waited for her to get in. 

Then we were off to school. On the way to school all we listened to Sabrina Carpenter. The sun was in my eyes, in a good way though. Although I was in a bad mood, I had the biggest smile on my face. When we got to the school I could see all of the second grade teachers standing in front of the school with their classes telling them to quiet down. As we drove past them I could tell that the fifth graders were by the outdoor bathrooms playing and laughing. When I saw my friends I told my mom to stop the car and  jumped out. I immediately ran to my friends who were waiting for me. 

“Hiiiiii” they all screamed at me.

 It was at that moment that I was finally happy! After talking for five-ish minutes the teachers started calling their classes. 

“Classes go to your teachers” they yelled. 

“Bye!” me and my friend said as we went to our separate classes.

 When I got to my classroom I was astonished how many kids there were. Most of them were talking with their friends. I just sat in my seat and played with my necklace. When class started Mrs.Vargas gave us all packets to do in groups. 

All of the other people in my class were in groups with their friends. I stayed in my seat and started doing the packet. My eyes started welling up with tears, I put my head so nobody could see me. When I was looking down I didn’t notice Mrs.Vargas come up behind me. So when she asked who I was working with, I said, “I’m just working by myself” holding back tears. 

“Well, ok.” She said. 

My eyes started welling up with tears, I put my head so nobody could see me.

As soon as she was back to helping other kids, I got right back to work. As I was working I could feel a tear running down my face. I immediately put my head down and wiped away my tears. I kept telling myself it was going to be ok but I wouldn’t believe myself. I just really wanted to be at home with my mom and dad or with my best friends. I kept my head down and whispered to myself, “It’s going to be ok, lunch is in 5 minutes anyways.”

My tears kept on coming but I kept doing my work until I was done. I didn’t want to look up so people could see my face. After wiping my face in the sleeve of my sweatshirt at least a dozen times. I put my hood on and walked to Mrs.Vargas and asked to go to the bathroom. When she said “Yes.” I immediately walked out the door and sprinted to the bathroom. I immediately went to the mirror and looked at my face. It was slightly red so I turned around and went to the bathroom. When I was done I washed my hands, turned around and sprinted back to class. 

“Am I going to have a red face when I get to class?” I thought to myself.

When I got back to the classroom I looked up at the clock. “Phew I only took one minute” I said to myself. 

When I got to my desk we were cleaning up to go to lunch. 

“Pick up 20 pieces of trash then you can line up at the door,” said Mrs. Vargas (who was by the way the nicest teacher ever, not to make you think that she was torturing us by making us clean up trash). When she was done talking I immediately started picking up trash. Although I only picked up 15 pieces of trash Mrs.Vargas said to come to the door. So I threw my trash away and grabbed my lunch box.

When we started walking I saw my friend in the other teacher’s line walking to lunch. I waved cause I didn’t want to get in trouble for talking. When we reached the cafeteria I went to my class’s table and started eating. I didn’t talk to anybody because I didn’t have anybody to talk to. I ate my whole lunch  because of how nervous I was to play with my friends. When our principal walked up on stage I knew what to do. I immediately raised my quiet coyote and waited to be excused. 

“Josie you are excused,” the principal said. 

As soon as I heard those words come out of my principal’s mouth I jumped up and ran outside to my friend.

 At recess we played tag and ran around. After recess I went back into my classroom. We had social studies again, we had a packet and again I was doing it by myself. But this time it wasnt so bad we watched a video about Native Americans which was pretty funny. It also helped time pass quicker. When I was done with my packet I walked up to Mrs.Vargas and asked “What do I do when I’m done?” 

“You can read,” she answered. 

“Ok” I said as I walked back to my seat and grabbed my book (The Mazes Of Apollo) and started to read. I read for the rest of the home room. Then Mrs.Vargas said “Everybody we are going to do posters, write one of these animals: capybara, tiger and dog, on a piece of paper after you have done that you may get up.” 

As I was walking through  the classroom I noticed that almost every kid in my class had a different favorite animal. It was really interesting to see all the different types of animals my class liked. I looked at all of them , and I was pretty surprised when I saw that a giant group of boys all had the same favorite animal. A capybara, I never knew that so many people liked capybaras, not that I didn’t like them, it was just that I’ve never seen so many people  like the same animal. My animal only  got a few votes. I didn’t care though it wasn’t well known anyways. When everybody was done voting Mrs.Vargas said, “Everybody get back in your seat, let us count the votes. Capybara 14, tiger 3, dog 9.I think we have a winner… Capybara!”

I didn’t mind that capybaras won but I definitely wouldn’t have minded if tigers won. All of a sudden Mrs.Vargas said “Goodbye, have a great recess.”

I jumped up out of my seat and walked out the door to see all of my friends waiting for me in front of my classroom.

“Hi!” I answered excitedly

I ducked under the railing and ran outside to play Everybody’s It. At Everybody’s It, I only got down twice.

“Recess is over! Recess is over” the yard duties yelled. 

“Oh well I guess we have to go back to class.” I said. 

“Ok goodbye.” My friend answered. 

When I got back to class we were doing social studies. We learned about explorers and how they came to America. We watched a video about settlers too! It was interesting, but I still wanted to go home. We did that until Walk to Learn, which is a time to read and answer questions. We just read for the next 35 minutes.

Then the bell rang.

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