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The Performance

The Performance
Avery Baker

In October I got the role of Piglet in “Winnie the Pooh.” It was the performance day, I woke up and jumped out of bed. My room was cold and dusty. I walked out of my room and walked down the stairs.  

“Good morning, did you sleep well?” my mom asked.  

“Kind of,” I answered. 

I ate a warm waffle and then got my water and snack and went to school. My mom dropped me off on the sidewalk in the cold breeze. walked into the cafeteria to get the school breakfast. “Good morning, Avery, which one would you like?” The lunch lady asked.

“I would like this one please,” I answered. 

I pointed to the blueberry Chex cereal. I had just gotten outside when I heard the loud whistle blow. It echoed in the wind. Tweet! Tweet! The whistle blew again. I ran with my backpack bouncing up and down. I got to class right before the door shut.

“Good morning class,” said Mrs.Vargas, “Make sure you sort your lunch card. It looks like Sophie and Beky are absent.”

“I’m here,” said Sophie.

“Home or school lunch?” asked Mrs.Vargas. 

“School lunch,” answered Sophie. 

Sophie always gets school lunch. It was already 9:08. I had to leave to go to the auditorium in 2 minutes. My hands are shaking. We were doing a writing project about animals. I was in the middle of making my outline and my pencil was shaking so much that it fell on the ground. 

“Whoever is in “Winnie the Pooh” you can go to the auditorium.” Mrs.Vargas said.

“Good luck!” said June.

“You guys will do great,” said Mrs.Vargas

“Thanks,” I said.

I opened the door. Slam! The door makes such a big, loud thud that echoes in the courtyard. I ran to the auditorium and found my bag. My hands were still shaking.

“If you do not have an over ear mic then go to the music room and stay there until you are called for the curtain.” Carrie said. 

I put my over-ear mic on the tape and tickled my skin. I saw a couple parents coming into the auditorium. I had just put on my piglet costume. I was really hot and I was worried that with the bright  lights that I would get way too hot. 

“Mic 1 please say something,” said one of the sound tech people. 

“Testing. Testing.” Said mic number 1. 

“Thanks,” said the tech crew. 

They kept calling mic numbers to come and test their mic. It was my turn and my mic was not working. I was freaking out because everyone had almost gotten seated. It was not just me, it was also my friend Zeke. It was time to go backstage and I was breathing heavily. Mrs. Rose had just gone out to say her speech. 

“Avery, they are going to switch mic batteries,” said Zeke.

Phew, I was worried that I might not have a mic.

It was almost my time to go on. Mrs. Rose was stalling so me and Zeke would be ready.  

“We do not have much time,” said Zeke.

“We know I just have to connect this last wire… there I got it, you can go on stage now,” said one of the people that helps with mics.

The show had started and I still did not have new batteries in my mic pocket. Zeke had his new batteries. I heard the music blasting through the speakers and knew I had no time. I thought that I might not get to have a mic and that no one would hear anything I said. But then the tech crew got my new batteries and I went on stage.

I felt the hot lights come down on my face. The music had started to play and everyone started to sing. After we sang the last song the lights dimmed down and everyone walked backstage and got in their order for bows. I was toward the back of the line and I had my own bow.  The day that I got my own bow I was so excited because I had never got my own bow before. I walked onstage and everyone was cheering and clapping. After we all took the final bow I felt so happy of how good I did and everyone on the cast did. 

The performance was important because I did not give up and kept going and when I got the main role I was so glad. The performance will help me in middle school because I started to think that I would never get a role.


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