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Big News, Small Town

My Experience at Glenshire

The Day I Got Body Slammed

It was a hot day in Truckee, and I woke up tired. And I went downstairs to eat some breakfast, and my mom spoke up. 

“Hey, Layla, you start tutoring next week. Are you excited?’’

“Ya, I guess, but are you driving me to school?”

“Your dad is driving you,” she responds. “But make sure you get ready for school.”

“Ok, Mom, I’ll get ready right now.” I head upstairs. After I got changed, I brushed my hair and teeth, then I got my backpack and waited for my dad to take me to school. Then I got in my dad’s car. 

“Hey, good morning. How did you sleep?’’

“I slept good,” I responded.

Then my dad said, “your grandma is getting surgery. How do you feel about that?”

I don’t respond because I overheard my mom and dad saying that it will make her Alzheimer’s worse, so I don’t talk until he drives me to school. He pulls up to my school and stops the car. I open the door. “Bye,” I say.

“Bye,” he says; driving away, I walk up to the school door then open it. I walk in, and then cool air hits me. I walk down to my tutoring room and enter. I was the first in. She greets me. 

“Hey, Layla, let’s get started.’’

“Ok,” I respond in a nervous voice.

I walk over to her table; then I sit on one of her chairs. I ask in a nervous voice what are we doing today? She looks excited, so I guess that there’s something fun, but I don’t believe it. Then she pulls out a math chart, so I start panicking and she realizes that I’m panicking. 

“Are you ok?’’ She asks.

I say I’m fine. She started to look sad, but then I started smiling to make her feel better. We started working on my math skills, and then it was over. I thanked her, left, and headed down the hallway to go outside. I open the door, and I feel a really cold chill hit me. I go over to wait for my friends. I see the buses arrive. I started to get excited because it was Monday, and I wanted to know what they did over the weekend. Then I saw my friends get off the bus. They walked past me, and I felt sadness take over. I was about to say something when I saw them hanging out with someone else. I was happy that they were happy, but it made me sad, so I walked away to find my other friends, but they were busy, so I just stood there waiting for someone or something to happen. I wait and wait and wait more until one of my best friends shows up. They walk over to me and ask “how was your weekend?” She asked excitedly. I said it was okay but not the best.

“Oh, what happened?’’ She asked, kinda looking sadly. Immediately said it was because I was tired. She looked relieved, so I got into a happy mood. After that, the yard dude opened the gate. To let all The kids in, I walked to my class and said bye to my friend.

Our teacher opened the door and said “Good morning.’’

I always smiled at her, and she always smiled back. I sat down at my desk and looked at the board to see what we were doing today. I saw that we had a library today, and I was happy because I loved reading, but then I saw something new on the board, so I looked a little closer and saw that a special guest was coming, but I shrugged it off. I looked at the time, and it was only 9:15. We did some writing, and once I started to work on it, it was already time for the library, so I grabbed my book and hopped back in line. My amazing teacher walks fast, so I sometimes have to jog to catch up, but it never really bothered me. When we arrived at the library, I put my book in the renew pile and sat on the carpet. She grabbed a book and started to read to us, and the boys were being loud, so I could not really hear what the story was about. Then, when it ended, I went to grab my book. Then, once I grabbed my book, I sat down to read, and then I felt like time went by because it was already time to go, so I pushed in my chair and lined up. We start walking back to our class.

My friend walked up to me and asked, “what are you doing this week?’’   

I respond saying,  “I don’t know.’’ 

We reach the gate, and we have to wait a little bit because the boys are walking slowly. No offense, but they were pretty slow. We go inside the gate, and then we walk into the classroom to get our snacks. I meet with my friends, and then I finish my snack, so I grab my other snack. Then, the snack is over, and we do math until lunch, so I grab my lunch card and head out of the classroom. Then we go through the double doors, and we make it to lunch, and it’s a long line. I say to my friend, “Guess people really like pizza’s noodles,” and we get in line. The line feels like it’s not even moving, but it is. Finally, I’m at the start where the line started. They scan my lunch card, and then I walk over to get my lunch and then I sit down at our assigned lunch table, and I start talking to my friend, and we start eating our pizza.

I hear my friend say “Eww, why is it soggy.’’

“It’s not that bad. You should give it another chance’’ I say.

“Not in a million years,’’ she says.

“Your loss,” I responded. 

I start eating my pizza. She gives me a nasty look and I shrug it off, thinking she is missing out. When lunch is over, I run over to the field to play with everybody. It’s like tag, just better anyway; I run over to my friends and sneak up on my friend. We were really close because we had the same birthday, and we treated each other like we were siblings.

I say, “Boo!’’ She gives a little shout, and she turns around, and we laugh it off, and we join the game, and our other friends join, and I get someone down, and his friends come after me, and my friends get all them down, and one of them steps out of bounds, and I say you’re out of bounds as a warning, and he sits down then all I hear is , “No, you’re out of bounds!’’ 

All I feel is a pain in my back and arm and, especially, my head, and it feels like everything freezes. The next thing I know is I’m on the ground, and everything’s a blur, then everything goes back to focus, and then I hear the blow of a whistle, and I jump back up to see the person who knocked me over, and he just runs away. I feel anger rush in me. And then I ran back to class, and that was the day I will never forget.       

What my hopes and dreams for 6th grade are. I hope that the plan for living on a sailboat comes true. And one of my dreams for 6th grade is to get a phone. I’ve always wanted a phone, and it can do things that some other electronics can’t. 

What I’m excited about in 6th grade is you get way more opportunities and more freedom and you get to meet new people you have never seen before and you get to meet new teachers and I think it will be really fun to have way more options.

What I’m looking forward to in 6th grade is meeting new people.

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