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Big News, Small Town

The Days of P.E.


I have a lot of memories in school, but my favorite memories are all in PE. Every Tuesday and Friday, PE is held in our classroom. There were lots of good times and fun games that I played.

One game I really like is Capture the Flag. I once got two points in the game, and it is just fun in general.

Another fun game at PE is Chicken Cacciatore. It is like dodgeball, but the balls are soft. It is a very high-paying game in which people have to dodge and throw quickly. 

But one game that was really dangerous and that injured people was the big colorful ball! 

Our PE teacher, Mr. Bill, brought a big ball for us to play with. 

He said, “You can only use your legs, hands, and arms, and you have to crawl like a crab.” 

So we did exactly what he had told us we crawled like a crab and some of us were sliding across the gym floor.

At one moment, my friend on the other team, named Duke, was behind the ball and kicked it to me, and I kicked it to him, not knowing we were both behind the ball. At one point, he kicked it to me hard, and I hit the ground really hard. He moved the ball and saw me on the ground.

He said, “Maverick, are you ok? I am so sorry.” 

“It is ok, Duke. It was just an accident.”

Then Mr. Bill came over and took me to the stage and let me reset. Lots of people ask if that hurts even the people in the class. 

But at the end, no one even knew about me getting crushed by the big ball until we played it again.

But this time, Mr. Bill said, “Now you guys have to use your legs now.”

So, our class only used their legs, but they used their arms for protection from the ball.  But like it did before, it hit someone, but it wasn’t me this time it was my friend Zach. The ball hit him hard, and I thought no one did it, so he did what I did, and he sat out. And people asked him if he was ok and at the end of the day people forgot it.

The next steps in my life

My next step is trying to get in a good class, do good in class, and try my best. I also hope that when I am at ACMS, all of my friends are there and I make a sports team like track or basketball. I also hope I will not get lost in the halls or go into the wrong classroom and get detention. In ACMS, I want to learn a lot of things like robots, Spanish, and Rubik’s Cube and get really good at it. This memory of PE is important because it helped me play lots of sports and made sports part of my life and to try new stuff. I learned about myself that I can push hard and never give up, and I will always do that. PE was my favorite Special, and it will never change. I have many games that I like in PE, but those are some of my favorite games to play in PE. That is one of my favorite memories inside of school and the next chapter in my life.

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