Dear Tourists,

Driving does not need to be problematic.

There are 11 total roundabouts in Truckee. Yield means slowing way down and giving the right of way to traffic already in the roundabout. You go counter-clockwise until you’ve reached where you want to exit. Some roundabouts are single-lane, and others are double-lane.

Do not stop in the middle of the roundabout. Pedestrians still have the right of way. Do not pull halfway out into the roundabout and stop. When a large truck is in the roundabout, give them extra space as they make wide turns.

When it is snowy and icy, slow down and be mindful of other cars.

We all see you when you come to town and don’t understand basic traffic laws. Please use your brains. Do not take up both lanes in a double-lane roundabout. Just take a deep breath and realize that this is not that difficult. Going faster than safe does not get you anywhere sooner, it just puts you and everyone else around you at risk.

Stop going the speed limit when it’s slick as butter on the roads and snow is dumping from the sky. If you look around and everything is covered in this white, cold, fluffy stuff, that means it’s time to halve your speed. If you’re approaching a corner, just slow down and don’t cross into the oncoming lane. No one wants a head-on collision.

This is not Sacramento. Weather is a thing here, and it would do you good to respect it. Do not pass other drivers going downhill on a snow-packed road approaching an area where you will need to stop.

When your car is on ice, you no longer control where you’re going. The ice decides your fate now, so you should slow down before you reach it and realize that g-forces are not going to be your friend.

If it’s extremely windy and the snow is pure powder, you may get stuck in a whiteout. This is quite terrifying for everyone, but do not panic. Slow way down and turn on your hazard lights. If possible to do so safely, pull off to the side of the road. It will pass.

Welcome to winter weather where you actually have to pay attention when you’re driving. Don’t be the next person wrapped around a tree or taking out a power line. Be safe.

Thanks, Truckee Locals.