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Reflections 2023

Reflections 2023

June 20, 2023
To end this school year, we asked fifth, eighth, and 12th graders to reflect on the time spent in their respective schools. We received many submissions from 5th graders at both Glenshire and Truckee Elementary Schools, and a few responses from Truckee Times staffers. The stories that follow here represent their voices. While their perspectives and foci varied, one common theme seemed to ring from these stories: Connection. While some wrote about struggles, others triumphs, so many of them wrote about the journey to find true connections with others. The Truckee Times would like to thank all participating contributors, and especially participating teachers, for supporting this project. We would also like to congratulate all students for their promotions and graduations into the next chapter of life. Click "View Full Site" above or navigate to the Reflections page to read the stories.
Truckee Times staff celebrates the launch of their website.

Reflecting on Year One of The Truckee Times

Lola Hadley, Truckee Times Managing Editor June 19, 2023
Starting this publication was extremely hard work. The support of a team and hard work of everyone who was involved made the process enjoyable and much less daunting.

Filling Buckets

Addison Carter, Reporter June 19, 2023
My bucket is full for now with graduation caps and college acceptance letters, but I will never forget to try, and to always be kind. 

The Chance to Breathe

Ellis McGahan, Truckee Times Managing Editor June 19, 2023
I can't wait for my future even more than when I was a tiny freshman.


Harley Jean Chapman, Glenshire Elementary June 19, 2023
I felt free. Running toward the touchdown area and . . . Touchdown! I turned around smiling but nobody cared.

Starting the Glenshire News Date

Nathan Treat, Glenshire Elementary June 19, 2023

My experience as a Glenshire Eagle began on August 28, 2021. As I was a new student I had recently moved from a small town called Lafayette, a place in the bay area. I was very intimidated by all...

Free be kind word on pink background image, public domain CC0 photo.


Evan Wolfe June 19, 2023
It was my first day of school in February, in first grade. I went early to get a look around the school.
Pushed Away and Forgotten

Pushed Away and Forgotten

Makenna LaChance, Glenshire Elementary June 19, 2023

Chapter 1: 1st grade It was a new year. It was a new beginning. It was TERRIBLE!  Most kids have a lot of friends in school. But not me. My old BFF moved away in kindergarten. Now I have no best friends. ...



Zayla Reynaud, Glenshire Elementary June 19, 2023

“Zayla, My sister bit me yesterday and I think it's going to scar,” Faith said. “No way! Really?” I said as Faith showed me the bite mark, “And what are you doing during recess?”  I...

New Girl

Madison Birnberg, Glenshire Elementary June 19, 2023

I have had multiple good and bad times at Glenshire Elementary School. One of the most important things at Glenshire is friendship, which goes with my first memory at GES, my first day of second grade....

The Last Day of Second Grade

The Last Day of Second Grade

Avery Aldrich, Glenshire Elementary June 19, 2023

“More water!” Everyone's screaming and shouting. Glenshire Elementary can be respectful, fun, and happy. It can also be noisy and overwhelming though, especially when you're in second grade. It...

The Glenshire Elementary School Wellness Center.

This Complicated World

Francine Close, Glenshire Elementary June 19, 2023
The next thing that I remember happening was that my face was hot and red and I could tell that I was crying.
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