Starting the Glenshire News Date

My experience as a Glenshire Eagle began on August 28, 2021.

As I was a new student I had recently moved from a small town called Lafayette, a place in the bay area.

I was very intimidated by all this and as I began I walked in and saw we got to choose our seats. I chose a seat randomly.

My teacher was Mrs. Avery, she explained who she was. 

As I went to recess I was overwhelmed by the amount of people and I joined some kids playing football.

As the year went by I got the hang of it.

As 5th grade began, I wanted to start a newspaper. After many meetings with Mr. Mohagen, who helped me and a friend, after making out the basics we created the newspaper. I chose to name it News Date after a newspaper in a book. The paper was popular and I began to form a team of people. Some friends, kids who asked, and people I thought could help the paper.

It did well or I would not be writing this.

The next grade I will go into is 6th grade my goals are to help the newspaper and go into Leadership.