Pushed Away and Forgotten

I didn’t have what would be called “a great experience” at Glenshire Elementary. I was just a nobody as far as I thought. No one wanted to be near me at first. I thought that I was a misfit. All alone on a stranded island.


Chapter 1: 1st grade

It was a new year. It was a new beginning. It was TERRIBLE!  Most kids have a lot of friends in school. But not me. My old BFF moved away in kindergarten. Now I have no best friends.  I thought that while I was at glenshire, i would have a great time through the year and beyond that, a great life. I was wrong. There was a girl in my class that was nice to me. Her name was Islla. She would always come up and share her candy with me. 

Then soon, we had a playdate at my house. It was my first playdate since my old BFF moved away. I was so happy. Then the next day at recess, I ran up to her to talk about the playdate. But something was wrong. She was with 2 other girls from 2nd grade. I was scared because they were older. 

“Hey there buddy, what are you playing?” I shouted. 

“It’s a secret game. And you are not allowed to play! So go away,” She yelled at me.

That made me feel like a worthless piece of dust.

That made me feel like a worthless piece of dust. “Why not?” I asked.

“Because you’re not good enough! Go away and don’t talk to me!” She yield right in my face. And that was it! I could tell that she hated me. That ment that I was alone again. It felt like I was being torn into a thousand  pieces and thrown in a hole.

I would never have a friend again, I thought.


Chapter 2: 2nd  grade

It was a new beginning and I still had no friends. I thought that it would be a terrible year just like last year. I was in a new class. There were so many new people and the girl from last year was not in my class. I have never been so relieved.  Then I found a seat in the back corner of the class. That was where I felt safe. The teacher would never look back there for raised hands. And no one sat in the seat next to me. I felt alone. But I knew that they would not want to be friends with me. That helped a lot. But still, I was alone. 

Two months went by and nothing changed. No one sat next to me, there was no one who liked me and I was a misfit. Then in the middle of the day,  I was sitting in my seat when the door  opened and a girl walked in. I was scared because all the seats were taken, except the one next to mine!

“Hi there, I’m Ella. Can I sit here?” she asked in a small voice. I was SPEECHLESS! I had no idea what to say. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. But I was too scared to talk.

“Uh…….. I uh,um…… weeeelllll,” I tried to say something but when I looked over, I noticed that she was already sitting down. I was so stupid. Now nobody wants to be my friend! And I was sure of that. 

I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. But I was too scared to talk.

It was lunch and there was no one next to me, As usual. Then I turned my head and Ella  was right next to me!

“Hi, you probably remember me from class. I’m Ella. I was wondering if you wanted to play with me during recess?” she said.  I didn’t know what to say!

“Uhhhh…. You talk a lot.” I realized what I said and hit my forehead. Then I quickly said “Yes! Absolutely.” and that was the greatest day ever.

I had felt like Ella pulled me up out of that hole from 1st grade, and sewn me back  together! Greatest day in the world!


Chapter 3: 3rd grade

NOOOOO! The new year was supposed to be great, but Ella is in a different class! A class in a different country! I went to the back corner of the classroom and sulked. I felt like I fell back down that hole in a thousand pieces. I would never have a friend that liked me or stayed with me.  My life is over!

“HI! I’m Hally, we’re supposed to sit together,” she said.

How did she know that?  How did I not know that? I looked at the seating chart. Her name was right next to mine. 

“Um,….. I uh, …… uh yeah!” I said. What is wrong with me!!! I can’t even speak right around new people!

“Thanks, want some candy?” she said. Oh no! Candy was the start of my first grade nightmare. I had to do something fast.

“Uhhhhhh, I can’t because I uhh… already had some,” I tried to say.

“Lucky ,” she announced. Sigh! That was a relief.

We went to the gym. I am always picked last for partners. I didn’t want to look bad in front of Hally. So I went up to her and said, “I have a lot of friends, so if you want we can play together, I need a break from all 100 of my friends.”  

“Ohh sure,.. I know why you said that,” she said. Oh no! My cover was blown! “It’s because you want to be friends with me.” she said. That’s not what I meant but it would work.

“Uhh, yep! You’re correct!” I said.  And we were friends all throughout 3rd grade. I finally had a friend!


Chapter 4: 4th grade

It was a new year and I finally had a friend! And as a bonus, Hally was in my class!  I went inside and guess what? Hally was sitting up front!  She waved her hand at me and patted the chair next to her.   I was very excited. I ran and went into that seat. I thought that I would never go in that hole again. And guess what! I saw a girl sitting next to me. She was very strong. I thought that she would hurt me.

But instead, she looked a little scared. Her name was Jain. she waved at me. I felt like the most important person on earth. 

I heard a little bit of talking. I turned around and Hally was talking to a person that I didn’t know. Her name was Smith. I thought that Hally was just talking for a little, but she and Smith talked for hours! I was starting to feel left out. So I said “Hey Hally, are you excited for our sleepover this weekend?”  

“Yeah, sure,” and just kept talking to Smith. I was so sad. I felt like half of me was torn off and thrown into that hole.

After math, we went to the lunch room. I walked down the hall with Hally.  “Hang on, I have to go to the bathroom,” said Hally. Then she ran around the corner. I heard laughing. I turned around, and Hally and Smith were walking together and laughing. And that’s when the other half of me fell into that hole.

I saw Hally dive down and stand by one half of me and the other half of me. Then Smith came down with her. They stood over me and started to rip me to shreds.  Then they left.

I was in the dark hole of my shreds of me.

I was all alone. 


Chapter 5: 5th grade

I was in the dark hole of my shreds of me.

It was a new year and I was still stuck in that deep dark hole.  But there was something good that would happen. The fifth grade talent show was coming up. And I wanted to be in it. I was scared.  Went to my backpack and grabbed my lunch. As I walked to the cafeteria, and sat at the edge of a  table.

Suddenly, someone  jumped into that hole next to me, “is this seat taken?” 

I blinked and turned sideways. Jain was standing right there, “Ahem, is this seat taken?” she said again.

“Uhh no,” I said. That was the first time that I could talk to someone without sounding weird. 

“Want to be in the talent show together?” she asked. 

I had  never been so excited. I had never been so nervous.  I was just scared! 

“Um yeah, what do you want to do?” I asked. 

“I’m already in a musical with  Hally and Smith. You can join,” she said.

“Um, yeah ok,” I said. I thought that I would cry. 

“You can play with us during recess. We can talk about it while we play a game,” she said.

I was so nervous.  Would I be good at the game? Would they not include me? I sat at the table and would not move. I looked at the clock and wouldn’t look away. That was the longest  10 minutes of my life. RING RING. The bell rang and I ran outside to look for Jain. I saw her by the wall of the school with Hally and Smith. I don’t remember how, but we had a great time. I was supposed to jump out from behind a tree. And do a little dance to the song. They were supposed to be up front singing the song. I didn’t mind, I was just as happy even if I was barely in the show. I was very happy!

It was the last day of practice. I was so happy. I knew the dance moves and I was so good at it. I stayed up a lot practicing. I forgot to do some homework but I didn’t care. After all, I was included in the show! I can’t stop talking about it. Or thinking about it. I was like a big echo in my head.

I walked up to them at recess. I had a huge smile on my face. I stood next to them. Hally and Smith were glaring at me. And not in the greatest way.

“What are you doing here?” Hally said to me. That was weird. Did she forget the talent show?

“We don’t want you in this play, you are basically the star in the play. We are the ones that made this skit. You can’t be in it. Go away.” Smith yelled at me.

Crash! I was ripped to shreds and thrown down that dark hole once again.

And for the last time, I gave up. I was done.

I officially had no friends. There was no one that I could turn to for help. I was in an abandoned house outside of a huge city.

No one remembered me. I was forgotten.