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Big News, Small Town

Senior Reflections

Nothing is Permanent

Riley Boyd, Staff Writer June 18, 2024

What I thought my life would be like has changed countless times. From being in elementary school thinking I would spend my life skateboarding to being in a pandemic as a freshman having no idea if life...

The Lessons of Online Schooling

Mace Cook June 18, 2024

The transition to online schooling brought about a bunch of challenges for me as a high school student. Disrupting a familiar routine of classroom learning and constant social interactions. For me, navigating...

The Key to Success

Madison Martinez June 18, 2024

I have never felt so accomplished and motivated to reach my goals in my whole life until recently. I haven't always been this way,  in fact I was the very opposite. It has taken a lot of hard work,...

The Challenges that Shape Us

Riley Hyatt June 18, 2024

During my four years at Truckee High School, I endured many setbacks.  Pandemics (COVID-19) had completely shut our first two years of school off, and we also had major surgery. Our initial years were...

There is No Triumph Without Struggle

Kai Jarkow June 18, 2024

Starting my freshman year I remember hearing all the older girls explaining to us that the next four years would go by so fast. Obviously 14 year old me didn't believe them. But looking back they were...

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