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There is No Triumph Without Struggle

Reflecting on the ups and downs of high school

Starting my freshman year I remember hearing all the older girls explaining to us that the next four years would go by so fast. Obviously 14 year old me didn’t believe them. But looking back they were 100% correct.

My freshman and half of sophomore year was solely online. I had never set foot into the actual building of my high school until the end of my freshman year. Freshman year flew by as a blur and if I am being completely honest, I don’t remember much. I spent most days just logging into my classes and falling back asleep while on the call. Even then hours were cut, days were uneven, and making friends felt almost impossible. I am forever grateful for having relationships prior to the COVID shut down and my chaotic start to high school.

When school returned back to normal I found myself being outgoing and making many friends easily. I felt more myself and fit in with all who I talked to. Sophomore year was one I can say I enjoyed the most. I felt so at peace with myself, friends and school. I was taking fun classes and felt no dread arriving at school.

The beginning of my junior year is when I began to face conflict. I started off the year steady but all my friends that I had made sophomore summer went to North Tahoe High School. Not having them around left me feeling lonely but I still had no trouble finding and making friends at my own school. I started to struggle a bit in my harder classes but I continued to try my best and just persevere through the ups and down.

Now, to be completely transparent, the second semester of my junior year is entirely why I decided to graduate high school early. I wish I could say high school was the best four years of my life and I enjoyed every second of it. But I can’t.

While growing up in this town my whole life is a blessing and will always be, I am more than grateful to start over somewhere new. Growing up with the same people and attending the same school since preschool can be amazing, but also builds toxicity and competition. Girls grow to be meaner and envy each other, and the boys feed off each other’s egos and accomplishments. I faced problems with my social life and having/creating friends. I wish I could have enjoyed these past four years more deeply and created long-lasting friendships and connections.

But while saying this I do not regret realizing who was my friend and who wasn’t. I enjoy the few people I surround myself with and to be frank, could care less about the people who have never produced anything positive in my life.

Now I am nearing the end of my senior year and as I write this I only have four days left of high school.

This last semester has taught me a lot about myself and my nearing future. I am so grateful to have lived in this beautiful town. I am so grateful for the people who  have come in and out of my life. I am grateful for the people who have stuck around and will be friends I cherish forever. I am grateful for being pushed to my limits in every aspect over these past four years. 

The future can be scary because of the unknown. For me, the future is exciting, a fresh new start. Leaving behind home feels bittersweet as I am leaving behind all I’ve ever known. Honestly, leaving this town feels like the freshest breath of air I will ever take.

Reading this you might think I sound dramatic or that high school was so hard and dreadful, but that’s not my point at all.

High School is fun, exciting, confusing and stressful.

But nothing bad comes without the good after. 

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