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The Appeal of Content Creation

Cecilia Wood

Generation Z is the first generation to grow up with full access to the internet. Most of us have grown up with YouTubers, shows, and video games. As we grow older, influence has grown too. Social media has become more than just YouTube and Instagram, there are many places where we can have a strong presence in and as more and more outlets to express ourselves are created, brings more and more people to ask themselves questions like, “I am good at video games, maybe I should try recording it?” or, “Should I share my journey with the rest of the world?”

Most of Generation Z has been partially raised by content creators. Much of our humor comes from things we have seen on the internet since we were little and lots of students and young adults hold those core moments close to them. 

Ruby Fazio, a high school graduate in her 20s says, “Even now I go back and watch some of my favorite videos as a kid. I feel like they played a big part of my childhood, and reliving that always makes me smile.” 

Growing so attached to the internet and pop culture has young people constantly playing with, and learning about the internet. Trying new things and documenting them is a big part of Gen Z’s lifestyle so as we grow up, more of us enjoy editing due to years of watching videos and learning from creators who have been making content for a very long time.

Dylan Hlista, a sophomore at Truckee High School says,  “The appeal to making videos for me and my friends definitely comes from idols I have had on YouTube since I was little. I also feel somewhat more organized and motivated when I know all of my friends are going to see it.” 

Being able to make a living while doing things you love and are passionate about also plays a big role in what is so magnetizing about content creation for our generation. Another Truckee High student, Devon Gauthier says, “I love taking time to get ready for the day, and I’d love to make money off of simply showing people what my life is, because I am pretty relatable.” Enjoying the small things and alone time is important to a lot of us, along with the idea of inspiring others with similar backgrounds and struggles.

At the end of the day, students and members of Gen Z find that the idea of making content for others is appealing because they feel connections to their childhood, along with wanting the freedom to do things they love.

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Cecilia Wood, Staff Reporter
Cecilia is currently Sophomore graduating early. This is her first year on staff.

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