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How Badminton Is Underrated Among Current Popular Sports

Riley’s Retirement Corner
Matthew Mohme

One of the hottest topics in sports right now is the game of pickleball. Today, I am here to tell you why badminton is the best option and the advantages that badminton has over pickleball and many other similar sports. The sport of badminton is very accessible, being able to be played anywhere by anyone. It is a great cardiovascular sport, as well as a superior option to other similar sports. 

Badminton is played with a shuttlecock, otherwise known as a birdie. The shuttlecock flies the air much differently from a regular ball used in sports like tennis, pickleball, or ping pong. It isn’t about strength but quickness, finesse, and technique. The fast-paced game makes it very challenging and exciting for advanced players. The game has many levels you can achieve beyond a base level.

On the other hand, the learning curve is very beginner-friendly. Using rackets is different from any other sport because of the more extended handle and oval shape compared to other racket sports. The shuttlecock is much different than a ball because, as I have previously mentioned, the harder you hit the shuttlecock does not mean the shuttlecock will travel faster. The game is more about finesse. You can learn the finesse and push the pace further as you get better. 

Pickleball is one of the hottest topics right now, and it feels that badminton is taking a backseat when it comes to racket sports. The pickleball community is very snotty, and the game has many nuances and small rules that ruin the game for beginners. Even as you get better at the game, it does not compare to the pace of any other racket sports, so as a viewer, the game could be more fun. While I enjoy making racket sports more technically advanced with more in-depth rules, pickleball is not the correct way to create a more advanced game. 

Badminton is a great way to build chemistry between you and a partner or even as a group. In badminton, you have to be very quick to make your decisions, and that split second where you and your partner decide who will go for it will build your chemistry not only in the game of badminton but as a general friendship. Winning and losing in sports brings people together, and you will see many things. I encourage everyone to play sports; badminton is a perfect place to start.

Badminton is an amazing sport for getting a great workout, building connections, and building confidence. It is also a great alternative to other racket sports such as pickleball, ping pong, tennis, and others. It is an incredible way to spend your time, and everyone who could benefit from all the fantastic aspects of badminton should take advantage of it. 

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Riley Boyd, Staff Reporter
Riley is currently a senior, it his first year on staff. He is a student athlete and reports on sports.
Matthew Mohme, Managing Editor and Staff Reporter
Matthew is currently a Junior, and this is his first year as a staff reporter. He is also one of our Managing Editors. Outside of school, he enjoys ski coaching and playing golf on the Truckee Golf Team. Matthew also enjoys writing about anything but, especially about sports and local events in the Truckee area and national news. He also is President of the Broadcast Media Club, where he is an anchor and editor and helps Tahoe Truckee Media broadcast and produce local sports games.

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