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The Secrets Behind Lawn Keeping

Riley’s Retirement Corner
Lola Hadley

A crisp, perfect lawn can complement your house beautifully. Living at a high elevation, dealing with lots of snow and a powerful sun can make the process more complicated. However, with the proper knowledge and skills, it is very easy to have a wonderful lawn.

Your most important decision is choosing the right seed for your lawn. With so many out there to pick, a few better suit our Truckee needs. Pennington recommends Fescue grass for a tough, durable seed that can handle cold, heat, drought, and even wet seasons. Consider Kentucky bluegrass as an option that requires less water and a luscious feel. Consider how much shade your grass will see and your water requirements. 

Your timing on when to plant grass is also critical. It is recommended to start in the fall and establish your grass seed before the first snowfall; this allows the seed to germinate. If you miss the window, spring can also be a great time to begin your lawn journey once the snow has melted and the grass has thawed out.

Proper soil is also essential; remove rocks and all other debris. Aerate the soil to improve drainage and reduce compaction. Add a layer of compost to enrich the soil and provide essential nutrients for the grass seed. Find your pH levels and adjust them if necessary. 

Mowing and watering timing can impact growth and grass health. Tom’s guide says it is ideal to water in the morning to let your grass dry before the temperature cools back down to prevent fungal growth. Cut 2 to 3 inches and never cut more than 2/3s of your lawn at once to avoid bacteria growth in the grass.

Fertilization is another key to successful growth. In our mountain area, most fertilizing should happen before fall so that the growth doesn’t die off in the fall.

In conclusion, having grass in Truckee can be more challenging than in other areas but is manageable with proper preparation and timing. It can light up your yard and be worth all the effort!  

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Riley Boyd, Staff Reporter
Riley is currently a senior, it his first year on staff. He is a student athlete and reports on sports.
Lola Hadley, Managing Editor and Staff Reporter
Lola is currently a Junior and is in her second year as a Managing Editor.  She established the Truckee Times and continues to grow and evolve in her love of journalism and learning. Lola enjoys writing about news, opinion and environmental issues. Outside of journalism and academics, she enjoys sports like skiing and basketball and spending time outdoors.

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