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Coachella Fabs and Fails

Tara Yummy

The 2024 Coachella is upon us, and the influencers have been bold. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival said Dance Nation Radio was founded in 1999 and annual in 2001, and it has become primarily known as the “Influencer Olympics,” said Dance Nation Radio. Pitchfork said Lana Del Rey, Tyler, the Creator, and Doja Cat were the top artists playing music for the event this year, and the fans were just as excited as always.

As the people fly in and the influencers start their cameras, fans have noticed that young stars are getting a little too comfortable with their designers this year, which shows. So here are the best and worst outfits from 2024 Coachella influencer attendees.

First, we are starting strong with the internet’s current favorite rising content creator: Tara Yummy.

Yummy has become quite popular over the past few months, and people love her sassy attitude and grungy style. This year, she went for a 2000s emo esc look with long hair, black hair, and bleached blonde highlights. 

Before the event, Yummy posted a video asking, “Why would you wear something to Coachella that you wouldn’t wear on a normal day?” This got a lot of backlash from fans, who said, “Coachella is one of the, if not the biggest, festivals of the year, so why wouldn’t you go all out for your favorite artist?”

 Tara Yummy took that and ran with her outfits this year. Influencer Alexis says, “I love how her look is both edgy and girly, giving into the bow trend.”

The feminine outfits littered with bows can go both ways, and some outfits don’t do justice to this fast fashion trend. The TikTok influencer Xandra splayed a black mini dress, and we see that the sleeves are wrapped like a bow. Alexis says that though the dress is flattering, she “Doesn’t understand why they must go past her knees.

Everyone sees Coachella as an opportunity to show off personality through outfits. The men this year have stepped it up, according to TikTok Nikki Detrich. Many fans agree because, for you, pages have been flooded with images and videos of YouTubers and Tiktokers like Jacob Webber and Barry Keoghan. 

Jacob Webber

These two lead me to the best and worst means of Coachella outfits. Jacob Webber, another growing influencer who has become popular on TikTok and YouTube, was seen in his edgy red stringer tank top and camo cargo pants with many accessories like rhinestone belts and spiked bracelets. Fans on TikTok are going wild, saying that his hair and style are at their peak.

Sterling Monette says, “I’m not trying to be brutal, but don’t come to Coachella if you’re going to wear a linen tuxedo,” talking about Brent Rivera, a classic YouTuber who had his debut on Vine in the 2010s. She also mentioned that although James Charles had great style, she wanted to see more of him at the event, showing off his stylistic work. One of James Charles’ oldest fans, Kai Krenicki, says, “The wig was a huge surprise, but why do I love it?” 

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