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Sidney’s Side of the Story

Sidney McIntosh in the running for ASB Elections
Submitted to the Truckee Times

With the ASB elections close to concluding Truckee High School is tense. Truckee High students and candidates for senior class president and vice president are on edge as they are hoping for specific people to be elected.

Advertisements have been a huge factor and contributor to getting candidates publicity through the school during the campaign. The most popular tactic for advertising a student’s name is by posters throughout the hallway. The clutter of Junior class candidate posters has gotten so absurd to the point where there are posters of candidates in the bathroom. Although an advertisement of that caliber might seem ridiculous it is a good tactic for publicity in Truckee High. These posters all over the school remind the students of who is running and who looks like a good person for ASB president.

The process of running for ASB president seems like a lot but candidate Sidney McIntosh summed it up as she said, “The election process is we are any student enrolled in Truckee High School can run for student council. There are eight spots available including both class and ASB representatives.” This process seems to be appealing to juniors who want to run because it seems accessible as any Truckee High School student can run. The acceptances for spots of student representatives also don’t seem that intimidating to students as there are a total of 8 spots available for students. Because of how accessible the election is and how many spots are available both contribute to the reasoning for its competitiveness this year.

A very promising candidate for a student representative is Sidney McIntosh. Sidney seems to have a very strong background to leadership skills and she seems to be confident in that. She showed her confidence as she said, “I think I would be a great candidate because I have lots of leadership experience and have many ideas for next year.” This confidence that Sidney holds shows her potential for a good student representative as she has good experience with leadership and as she has plans for next year.

Sidney’s plans for next year include, “raising school spirit at sports games and making sure Truckee High is a more welcoming environment”. Sports, especially football at Truckee High seem to be highly valued and this idea of school spirit can be very appealing to Truckee High athletes and Truckee High’s sports fans. Also, Sidney has an appealing idea of a more welcoming environment which could be attractive to new students or anyone who wants to improve the community at the High school.

An important factor for having a good campaign for student council includes having plans for what needs to change at the school and what the school can add. Because Sidney has both of these factors, she shows a good example of a strong candidate.

Sidney also makes a good student council member because of her true leadership experience. She explained her experience to me as she said, “I’ve run for office every year since freshman year”. Because she has been running for leadership since the start of her high school career shows how she is a reliable representative for Truckee High School leadership.

Sidney worked very hard in her election process as she said, “I worked hard to gain peer support to prepare going into the election”. She has used this idea of gaining peer support as she has been kind to everyone in the school and she has used the tactic of setting up posters throughout the school.

Sidney is a hard working candidate for next year’s student council and it has become obvious that she is a good representative of the senior class as she has been practicing her leadership skills since the beginning of her High School career.

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Henry Hukari, Staff Reporter
Henry is currently a sophomore at Truckee high school and am apart of the Truckee Times staff. My personal interests include Snowboarding, Lacrosse, Sports, and Music. My main focusses in writing and reporting are covering local sports events, covering current music news, and covering global sporting events. I also want to learn how to better translate quotes and coverage from an event into an entire story.

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