Rating M&M’s by Association and Personality


The colorful cast of M&M’s characters is known all over the globe as the CGI spokescandies that appear in advertisements for their real life counterparts. The seven M&M’s all have distinct personalities as well as being associated with the various flavors of the candies. 

  1. Purple M&M

The purple M&M is the newest member of the the cast who made her debut with a song that has released to mixed reception. She also has one flavor associated with her, that being caramel cold brew which will be released early next year. She is at the bottom of this list because of the fact she is so new and has not had an opportunity to truly establish herself. 

  1. Blue M&M

The blue M&M, one of the four original spokescandies, came into the cast in 1995. Like all the other M&Ms he has a color that reflects his personality. Blue is associated with being calm and cool which the blue M&M is. Neither are bad personality traits to have, but what keeps him from climbing higher on the list is the fact that he is mainly associated with almond M&Ms which feature most popular and overrated nut in America. Luckily consumers have some common sense and get the classic peanut M&M over this devil candy, but this association is not a good look for Blue. 

  1. Yellow M&M

The yellow M&M is at number five because he is quite the average Joe with a great flavor to his name. He is another one of the original four M&Ms. He is the simplistic and dopey one who usually acts as the comedic relief in the commercials. His personality alone is not what puts him this high in the list though. It’s the fact he is associated with the peanut M&Ms. If the almond M&Ms are Bob Dylan then the peanut M&Ms are The Beatles. Considering they were introduced in 1954 there is something to be said about these M&M’s staying power

  1. Red M&M 

Another member of the four original spokescandies is the red M&M. He is mainly associated with plain M&Ms which are good, but they are far from the best. However he is also associated with peanut butter M&Ms which are S tier. He is also an icon, plain and simple. When you think of M&Ms he is likely the first one you think of. This celebrity status puts him above Yellow and Blue. He was even played by Danny Devito in an infamous Super Bowl Commercial. Enough said. 

  1. Brown M&M

The brown M&M was introduced in 2012 to act as a counterpart to the green M&M and add another female character to the cast. She has a very professional appearance and personality. She uses her sophisticated wit to help her chocolatey peers. She is also associated with the espresso M&Ms which are surprisingly good and the brownie M&Ms which are even more S tier than the peanut butter M&Ms. 

  1. Orange M&M

Now the orange M&M does not have the most enjoyable personality, usually being the worrier of the group. However what he lacks in personality he makes up for in flavor association. He is loosely with the caramel M&Ms which are good, but he takes the second spot on this list because of how he is the face of the pretzel M&Ms. Oh my lordy lord these are BY FAR the best M&M flavor and secure the orange M&M’s spot on the list

  1. Green M&M

The green M&M is at the top of this list due to her having the best personality and flavor association. Everyone knows the green M&M for one reason or another. She rounds out the cast of the four original M&Ms and has been on the package of multiple flavors over the years, most famously the mint M&Ms which are very good. Recently she has ended up on the package for the crispy cookie M&Ms which are also very good. All reasons to place her as number one.