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A Bromance for Change

How a Homecoming Court nomination became a platform for advocacy
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Seniors AJ Taylor and Cormac Linde.

In past years the Truckee High School homecoming court winners have alway been a King and Queen couple. This year however, Cormac Linde and AJ Taylor were nominated for homecoming court as a “couple,” and even though they did not win they wanted to show that the THS Homecoming traditions should be updated. Linde and Taylor want’s homecoming court opened for same sex couples, and they want to see more diversity.
Their goal was not always advocacy.  “We originally wanted to run to get the best bromance” says Linde. 

They thought a bromance would be a good way to get noticed and get voted by their classmates so they could get in the yearbook. They quickly realized the power of their platform.

“We then realized that why does it have to be a female and a male couple?” says Taylor. They decided they would run as friends so then if they made homecoming court and possibly won the whole thing they could change the way the tradition was in the past.
During the process of trying to get nominated they “got pulled out of class a lot and had to talk to Mr. Neuberger, and Mr. Bennett,” said Linde. 

Why does it have to be a female and a male couple?

— AJ Taylor

Mr. Bennet quickly realized that the two were serious, and doing things for the right reasons. “I talked to both of them and felt very comfortable about them being royalty candidates as friends,” said Mr. Bennett. The leadership students and their classmates also supported them in being candidates. “everything will be great and they will be perceived as they are. Friends at Truckee High, and that is our goal. We want every student to be included and accepted at Truckee High School,” said Mr. Bennett. 

“We know we can be a little extra,” said Taylor. In the end, Linde and Taylor just hope that the extra effort might result in more inclusion at THS.Taylor and Linde really hope to see more diversity in the Future. “I would love to see friends or even same-sex couples,” said Taylor. “We want to pave the way for the future candidates,” Linde said.

They would love to see the standard of King and Queen to possibly change to Queen and Queen or King and King. Even though they did not win they are still proud that they got to at least still have the chance to be nominated. 

And even though they didn’t win at homecoming, Taylor and Linde aren’t done with their mission of inclusion. “The next thing we are going for is Prom King and King, ” said Linde.


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