The Truckee Cross Country Team Gets Ready For Regionals

Last week the Cross Country Team had one of their most exciting races of the season at Mt.Sac, the biggest cross country meet in California. They spent almost four days there on the beach, race course, and eating some delicious food. But now the fun is over and the serious races begin. This week the racers have been preparing for something much bigger, the regional race in Reno, Nevada.

Most students at Truckee High School on the morning of the 28th will be preparing for a normal day of school, but the cross country team will be getting ready to run. At 8:30 the team will be leaving class and boarding a bus to Reno, where they will compete against other Northern Nevada schools in the 5k race in an attempt to get to states. The top four from Northern Nevada and the top four from southern Nevada will be competing in the State Championship meet in Las Vegas. 

The boy’s team and girl’s team both have seven runners in the race with three on backup. The scoring is based on the top five runners on each team with the fastest collective team winning based on placement compared to the other runners. The extra two runners try to run faster than the other teams to push them back in the rankings which lower their score. 

According to Logan Selander, the team captain, the team feels ready for this race, after running a very fast race at Mt.Sac they are all prepared mentally and physically. He also said he expects the team to do well at this meeting. 

Fortunately, the coach is letting everyone run, but everyone who is not running a race will be running separately at 2:25. Their times will still be recorded, but won’t count as rankings for states.

Sidney Mcintosh, the fastest girl runner in the 5k event on the team, said she is very excited about regionals but also nervous about not doing very well. Quinn Holan, a boy runner, said he was excited about the race, but he wasn’t very nervous. He was worried that the course might not be exactly the right distance because this course has a history of being slightly off.

The Truckee Cross Country team is getting ready for their most important race yet, which will decide if they go to the states or go home in defeat. They are nervous, excited, and worried about the race, but they hope they will pull through and secure a spot at states in Vegas.

Below are all the runners that are planning to run tomorrow.