“Sportsmanship” At THS


On Wednesday, October 19, 2022,  John Neuberger, Truckee High’s Assistant Principal, made it a requirement to the student body that in order to be let into any of the sports games of that weekend students had to complete a sportsmanship contract. 

Katelyn Hames

This was because at the Truckee Varsity Girls soccer game against South Lake Tahoe, the week before the contract, some things got out of hand. The South Lake’s student section showed up with signs that called individual Truckee players out, they were shouting inappropriate insults at the opposing team, and even after they won they continued to post online about how Truckee was “trash”. 

When Jimena Elizarraraz, one of Truckee’s varsity soccer players, stood up for her team she got a red card for using foul language leading to her ejection from the game. Keep in mind Jimena used foul language in return to the inappropriate insults for which the student section was not reprimanded.

Katelyn Hames

The students of South Tahoe held a sign that said, “#6 is soft”, and were yelling at Truckee players saying that they are, “p*ssies”. Jimena in response to that told them to, “Shut the f*ck up.”

Sportsmanship is important to students at Truckee High because the following week there was another Truckee v. South Lake game where Truckee students showed up with positive signs supporting their players.

After the weekend of rivalry games, Neuberger thanked the students via email,Thank you for allowing our teams to pursue victory with honor and focus on competing without distraction or disruption”.