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The Secret to Donner’s Docks

How to navigate these local favorites

Truckee is blessed with multiple bodies of free and open water to the public in the summer; however, it tends to get crowded as the months warm. Tourists and locals battle over docs and spaces on the beach, so where should you go when all the docs are full?

Some people need to learn that some of the docs are hidden by the barricade on the side of the road as you’re making your way to the west end of Donner. Those are considered the best docs because they provide the most privacy and longer-lasting light as the sun starts to come down in the evening. It is recommended that you wake up early in the mornings during the summer so that you can get the doc of your choosing before everyone starts rolling in on the weekends. 

But what are the other options when you cannot find a Doc? Donner has many spots for people to lay in the sun and spend their day at the lake. If you live in the Tahoe Donner neighborhood, you can get a pass at the beach on the east end, where restaurant access and private swimming are available. 

If you aren’t looking to pay, there is an open beach on the east end where you can bring your dogs and stay for as long as you want. For more access, you can pay to park in the Donner campground for ten to twelve bucks, where lagoon and jet ski rentals are available in the summer months. 

On the west end of Donner Lake, you can find the recreational beach, where you can pay nine to fourteen dollars for a day pass. For more information on prices to get in, go to the West End Beach website.

Let’s say Donner Lake is not your thing, or you feel it needs to be more crowded. Plenty of spots on the Truckee River are free and easy to get to. The legacy trail in Truckee will take you all up and down the river, where there are many spots to choose from. If you prefer the opposite side, Parking on the lots next to Glenshire Drive and hiking a little ways down will pay off because you will find nice secluded spots to sit and relax next to the flowing water.

If the river is not what you are looking for, on your way out of Truckee towards Reno, there is Boca. Boca is a lake widely used in Truckee for boating but also a place that is often less crowded and more calm. The flatter land can be found on the eastern side, and the western side flattens out; however, it is a little harder to get to a perfect spot.

Bonus! If you are interested in benefiting the community, a great way to start is by participating in Truckee Thursday, where vendors and small businesses can sell and advertise their products. With music and food, the whole historical Truckee Road is closed every Thursday night in August for the event.

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