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The Return of Truckee Car Meets

Beck Lupyak

The car meets, and the car scene has been around for a long time and even dates all the way back to the 1900s, according to S2K or Die. This prolonged period has led to an evolution in types of cars and many sub-sections of the car scene.

While cars are a staple worldwide, only some places are the same when it comes to their local car scene. This is especially present in areas where certain conditions push the residents to buy a specific type of car to meet those conditions. For example, in California, the town of Truckee receives mounds of snow each year, resulting in the need for AWD cars, such as Subarus, Toyotas, Hondas, and other companies that mainly produce AWD cars. If someone wants to live there and get around for essentially half the year, they need to get cars that suit the conditions of their location, leading to many similar and common cars all throughout the town.

Even though these restrictions can lead to a muffled car scene in places like Truckee, sometimes, there are saving graces for the car scene. A perfect example of this is social media accounts that ignite the spark for these small-town car communities. For Truckee’s situation in particular, TahoeCarMeets is the savior.

This one Instagram account started early in 2023 and gathered the car enthusiasts in Truckee together. One simple Instagram post and word of mouth were able to convene a scene in Truckee that no one ever knew existed. 

Thanks to this small ignition, the Truckee car scene has grown throughout the past year and is becoming more diverse and larger with each new meet. Even though the amount of people attending each meet varies and isn’t consistent, new people are showing up to each one.

So far in 2024, there have been two meets, which is a great start considering that school is still in session and the early months had the town of Truckee snowed in. 

As the year goes on, more and more meets will come. The best thing about these meets is that you don’t even need a car to go to them. When these meets first appeared, I and many of my friends weren’t even sixteen, and some of us didn’t even have our permits. But nonetheless, we went to the meets we could make it to interacted with everyone there, and enjoyed all the vehicles that were present.

Thanks to these meets being easily accessible, anyone can participate, learn more, and get interested and excited about cars. The wide array of types of cars and modifications on these cars can let someone find what they enjoy the most, and while Truckee doesn’t have every type of car available to see, the available range of cars is still great and is a nicerefresher from the normal repetitive everyday cars that someone might see.

Cars are a focal point all around the world, and thanks to the car enthusiasts around Truckee and TahoeCarMeets, cars are now something everyone in Truckee can enjoy even though it’s a rural area that requires certain types of cars. 

Cars are something everyone should be able to enjoy no matter what types of cars they enjoy or even if someone has a car, and these small communities allow the car scene to flourish anywhere in the world, no matter the limitations.

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About the Contributor
Beck Lupyak, Staff Reporter
Beck Lupyak is currently a Sophomore at Truckee High and this is his first year on staff. His personal interests outside of school include snowboarding, sculpting, archery, and spending time with his friends. One of, if not his favorite things in the world is his cat Piggy.

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