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Anyone can be a Photographer!

Matthew Mohme
Drone – Golden Gate Bridge

Photography is something that everybody can do whether they have an actual camera or  not. From the beginning, photography has been something that I have been passionate about, and it is something that everyone can do, even if they only have a smartphone. The opportunities with photography are endless whether you have an expensive DSLR camera, a Phone, or a drone. Drones are costly, but there are ways that drone photography is possible if it is something you want to pursue. 

The first time I got a drone was when I was around seven years old. It cost 20 dollars and could only fly for around five minutes. I flew that for around four years, and after saving enough money and with my parent’s help, I upgraded to my first drone with a camera. Drones unlock a new perspective from above that empowers you to get the desired shot. Also, when I was ten, I started experimenting with smartphone photography.  

There are so many opportunities with the angles, the height, the lighting, and many other things that make the photo you are taking unique. You can get shots that are still really good without a fancy camera or a costly drone. Getting the “perfect shot” is a considerable deal in photography because, in many cases, you can only capture that shot in a limited amount of time. 

That is why I have taken so many images alone, using too many SD cards and memory on my phone. Getting that one shot is truly rewarding. After using my first camera drone for over five years, I saved enough money to upgrade to the new DJI Mavic 3 Pro.

Here are a few of my favorite photos I have taken with my new drone over the last year that truly capture the uniqueness of Drone Photography. 

There is also an opportunity to make money taking photos for real estate or other things if you have a Part 107 drone license, which can make getting a drone even more worth it in the long run. 

Moving on to regular photography, there are so many things that you can capture and take pictures of just with your phone’s camera. I have taken many photos on my phone over the last few years, and looking back on them shows what you can do with a phone.


As you can see from the photos included above, there is still an amazing opportunity to take great photos even if you do not have an expensive Camera or a Drone. Just going somewhere with a phone to take photos is awesome because you have a unique chance to capture something unique. Cameras have a variety of different photo modes, and free editing software can customize and edit your photos.

If this is your first time flying a Drone or you’re unfamiliar with it, here are some tips on how to fly safely and get the shot you are looking for. Ensure you know your Drones flight time, range, and features before you fly it. Before you fly a drone for the first time, go into an open area where you can practice and feel comfortable before you fly longer distances and heights Ensure you have a clear view of the Drone.  Make sure there are very few obstacles obstructing the signal. Check your Drone to see if it has any features to return home if its signal gets lost safely. Flying over water can be scary, but if you have a good signal and battery, have fun. Ensure you do not fly low when people are around so they do not feel uncomfortable, and there is less chance you’ll crash. Check any height restrictions with nearby airports and local laws that might state no drones.  When you take off, be on public property that allows it or a place that will enable Drones so you don’t create any issues. 

Just because a photo is simple does not mean it’s bad. Photography is an excellent tool for expression, so whatever you use to take photos, get out there and have fun!


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Matthew Mohme, Managing Editor and Staff Reporter
Matthew is currently a Junior, and this is his first year as a staff reporter. He is also one of our Managing Editors. Outside of school, he enjoys ski coaching and playing golf on the Truckee Golf Team. Matthew also enjoys writing about anything but, especially about sports and local events in the Truckee area and national news. He also is President of the Broadcast Media Club, where he is an anchor and editor and helps Tahoe Truckee Media broadcast and produce local sports games.

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