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The PLL Should Stick to Their Tour Model and Not Home Teams


As professional sports continue to evolve, the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) is seen to be struggling. This league, which was created in 2018 by lacross legends Paul and Mike Rabil, has reshaped the sport of lacrosse, as it drove fans through its unique touring model of games. Rather than being stuck to specific cities, the PLL used to operate as a traveling league, bringing its exciting games to different locations across the country. This system has been seen to be very successful and their new model to move to city based teams is looked at as a mistake. 

Their touring system for games allows the PLL to reach a more national audience as lacrosse is not necessarily a popular sport to watch. As lacrosse is growing in popularity, it still remains a relatively small sport in comparison to sports like football and basketball. By the Premier lacrosse league bringing games to various cities, it allows for the league to expose the sport to new fans, areas, and businesses that might not have as much access or introduction to the league otherwise. This not only creates a more broad fanbase but it also helps promote the sport entirely. Mimi Wood says, “Before the PLL weekend i went to in philadelphia, i had never seen a single lacrosse game but once they came to my city I loved watching it so i started becoming more invested not only in the PLL but in lacrosse as well.”

In the 2023 season the PLL played in cities like Boston, Denver, San Jose, and Philadelphia, which helped draw crowds from the local communities and any other PLL fans.A positive aspect of this is that fans lacrosse the country receive opportunities to experience the PLL in their hometowns or nearby without the need to travel far distances. This accessibility is seen to be a key to help grow the sports popularity among fans. 

On a financial level their touring system is a more affordability system for a growing league.  Making city based teams requires many things like infrastructure, marketing, and local community engagement. The severe costs of keeping many home based venues could really negatively effect the leagues resources. 

With the touring system, it allows for the PLL to put different cities to the test of a positive local interest without vomiting long term. If a city shows stronger support and high ticket sales, it can be revisited in later seasons and eventually morph into a home city but for now it is smart for the PLL to cut back on creating city based teams and rather focus on this method. 

One of the most unique aspects of PLL game weekends is the festival-like feel of its events. Owen Wood states, “When I went to watch a PLL tournament I not only got to watch 4 games but I also got to do things like eat great food, play carnival games based on lacrosse, and meet players. This model of a lacrosse tournament transforms games into events that attract not only lacrosse fans but also people looking for a fun day out. 

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Henry is currently a sophomore at Truckee high school and am apart of the Truckee Times staff. My personal interests include Snowboarding, Lacrosse, Sports, and Music. My main focusses in writing and reporting are covering local sports events, covering current music news, and covering global sporting events. I also want to learn how to better translate quotes and coverage from an event into an entire story.

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