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How to Stay Productive Over the Summer


School is out June 20th this year and the weather is already warming. The idea of not having anything to do for the beginning of summer doesn’t always last and some students will even become enthusiastic for the start of school just so they can get back into routine. If you are one of those people here are some helpful things that you can implement into your daily summer life to keep you busy and feeling productive.

First off, utilizing small habits and turning them into a larger task. If you walk your dog around the neighborhood everyday, set a time where you are not busy and take them on a larger hike or even a run. Exercising will make you feel fulfilled and not so lazy on days where you have nothing to do.

Another example could be chores around the house. During the summer, if you don’t have a car you can feel somewhat trapped when you have no plans made yet. Take the time to create a space that you feel like you want to spend time in. A clean home makes more room for you to have friends over, do hobbies, or just relax and scroll on your phone.

Another way to stay in a routine is to find a day where you don’t have plans or work and make it your day that you go grocery shopping. Making and planning your meals for a week will keep you on an eating schedule that will leave you feeling like you have accomplished something on a lazy Sunday.

Another tool is to prepare for the upcoming year. This is more for the end of the summer; however, it can be beneficial to look into the classes that you plan on taking and starting to get a feel for what the class will be like. Getting ahead in AP classes by just knowing what the material will be, will help you in the Spring Semester when you have to take your tests.

Take yourself out. As we get older, more and more of us are getting summer jobs, or are out of town. If you begin to feel lonely because your friends are busy, take a day for yourself. Wake up to the sun and make yourself some coffee. Take a trip to the lake or the river and get comfortable with being on your own. Utilize the things around you. If you are close to the Legacy Trail, find a spot by the river and enjoy the nice sunny day ahead. If you know there is a bike trail near you, go for a bike ride and enjoy the sunshine.

Getting a job for those who are old enough can also be a game changer. Your days will be filled and you will still be in the routine of waking up and going to sleep at a regular time. It makes you money and distracts you on days where you would be at home alone with nothing to do. If you aren’t old enough to work at a commercial place, try doing things like babysitting or dog walking to pass the time on long summer days.

Not having a routined life isn’t for everyone so it is important to fill your days with fun and fulfilling activities. Keep your schedule full and have a great summer!

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Cecilia Wood, Staff Reporter
Cecilia is currently Sophomore graduating early. This is her first year on staff.

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