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The Man Cave

The Man Cave
Bodhi Stakich

This story takes place in fourth grade in Mrs. Avery’s class. I was sitting by myself at snack time. 

I overheard some kids. “We need a new place to sit,” said one of the boys. 

“How ‘bout over there?” Said Will, a kid I knew from my class.

“There is a small gap where our modular separates from the building.”

“We shall call it the Man-Cave,” said Jeff. 

“Hey guys!” I said.

“Hello.” Said Will.

“As you probably know I am Will, this is Jeff, and this is James” said Will.

“I’m Bodin,” I said.

“We decided to go somewhere new to sit at snack, so we decided to call this the Man-Cave,” said Jeff.

“Can I be part of your man cave?”

“Sure.” said Jeff.

Over the next couple of weeks the man cave had no problems until one day Mrs. Avery tried to rename the man cave. As you can imagine, she was not happy about us calling it the “man cave”. We were not letting girls in since it was the MAN cave. We said that since it was our discovery that we get to make it how we want. She said that since it was her class she could name it as she likes and tried to rename it the “She-Shed” or the “Eagle-Nest”. 

We were able to keep the teacher from banning it but then some students tried to ban it too.

“It should totally be called the She-Shed,” said a kid named Ducas. 

“No, it is our man cave and it is our discovery and we shall NOT be renaming it,” Jeff said in an intense tone. 

Get this, a few days later Ducas came and tried to SIT with us INSIDE the man cave.

“NO” we all choired at the same time. We ended up kicking him out and we were pretty happy but the teacher wasn’t.

“You can’t just kick people out of a place to sit at snack,” she lectured us.

“He can’t try to ban it then come and sit in it,” argued Will.

“You’re right, he can’t do that,” I said.

In the time I was at Elementary school, I learned that there is more than just work that you do. You make friends and you find a passion, you make things and explore the creative side of your brain. You learn and challenge your brain using the logical side of your brain.

I hope that in middle school I will find friends and do things that I will remember forever. I hope that in middle school I will be able to get good grades and learn new stuff. I hope that middle school will be what I hoped for.

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