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Tennis Racket Baseball at Glenshire Elementary School


This was a day in fourth grade. Once I was playing tennis racket baseball with my friends. So I was running to first base and I said,”I was safe!”

But I thought I was safe so I said, “What do my teammates think? Was I out?”

So I decided not to argue and just got myself out but I was up to bat again that inning.

I watched the pitch go straight in the middle of the bat and I saw the ball go flying. I hit the ball hard. I watched as it was a liner through the gap. “That should be a home run.” All my teammates said. 

I was running as fast as I could. I was sweating as I was running. Joe was cheering me on as my heart was pumping. The recess bell rang the second I got to third base my whole team was pumping their arms downward. I was running towards the hands. I was safe, finally I hit a home run. I couldn’t believe it. I had hit many triples but today I hit my first home run.

This was one of my two favorite memories but this one was my favorite. Jeff told me that day that Joe and Jeff would not be there but I felt confident. Confident about what you ask? Hitting a homerun.

I was out at recess one day and I was playing tennis racket baseball. I watched my teammate hit a ball hard. It was a triple. Then I was up and swung. I missed the ball strike one. I saw the second pitch it was at my knees and I swung. I popped the ball up. It was hit far. I was yelling,”I hit the ball so hard that was over the far fence.”

My teammates on base were so surprised they screamed as they were running the bases,”That was the farthest home run we have seen this year but you lost our tennis ball now we can’t play.”

I felt so sad but so happy at the same time I couldn’t believe it so it hadn’t even occurred to me when the recess bell rang 5 minutes later. Everyone got mad for nothing, it was just a very hard hit tennis ball. 

I can be a better student, friend or classmate. 


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