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Your Guide to Spring

Free spring activities for the changing season!

Through the gray and snowy landscape of our winters, it has been hard to get outside, especially if you don’t play a snow sport. As the weather warms up though, activities are changing. If you need some ideas or just want some more affordable spring activities, this list is for you.

  • Reading

Although it may not be to everyone’s taste, reading can be a great free hobby in any season. But as the weather starts changing, and the days and afternoons become warmer, taking a book out to the patio or outside a cafe is a great way to relax while keeping your mind engaged. There are many free places to get books. For example, there is the free Nevada County library branch, and all you need to get started is to get a library card for free. If you prefer reading on an electronic device, Libby is a free resource that connects to your local library (so you still need a library card).

  • Walking

The changing weather is a great opportunity to get outside more, in any way, but a simple one is to go for walks. Take a pet, a friend, or go on your own and you get to see the spring blossom anywhere you walk. If you choose, you can go explore and find a new path or part of town that you haven’t been through before, or you can keep it familiar with a favorite path or a stroll around your neighborhood. Walking is a great way to get movement in while still enjoying the spring weather, and it can even improve your mood.

  • Coloring/Sketching

It is usually nice to have a creative outlet. Once again this can be done indoors or outdoors, but since the weather is getting nicer, it can be fun to take a coloring book or some pieces of paper outside and chill out. Coloring does have some cost because of pencils or markers, but you can cut the cost of the book and find free printables to print out in the library for free. Similarly, sketching only needs a pencil or pen to be done. This might be more frustrating than coloring, but you don’t need to be ‘good’ at art to sketch, you can even put your paper on a Chromebook and trace something fun.

  • Water

Even though it can still be brisk and in some cases, freezing, this is the earliestsoonest time of year that you can jump in the water. Even just bringing some friends and hanging out next to the water can create a change of scenery and get sun on your face for the first time since this winter. Bring a bathing suit and walk down to a local river or lake to get your first spring dive in.

  • Yoga/Stretching/Exercise

Last but certainly not least on this list, is exercise. Spring can be a time of reform, and if you want to take some time to feel good maybe in congruence with a sport, or on its own, try to get out and exercise. An easy thing to do is bring a blanket or towel to the park or in your yard and follow a free YouTube video with a workout or yoga routine. Yoga with Adriene and Juice & Toya are some options to start with. You can do it as long or as short as you like, with a friend or alone.

Whether or not you want to change up your routine for the new season, there are different options for activities to explore. Try to take advantage of the warmth and get adventurous with your hobbies!

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Kayden Zimmerman, Staff Reporter
Kayden is a sophomore and this is her first year on staff. She enjoys writing about local topics of interest and issues regarding students of THS. Outside of school, she enjoys painting, climbing, and lifting weights with her friends.

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