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Positives and Negatives of Artificial Intelligence for Students

AI Generated Image by Henry Hukari

In the world of education, AI has become a stand out, reshaping how we learn and interact with academics. As a High School Student, I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact of AI on my learning experience, with both positive and negative aspects leaving a lasting impression.

One of the most significant benefits of AI in education is personalized learning. AI-driven websites like Chat GPT can provide me with tools like study guides, homework schedules and many other helpful factors for my learning. AI can tailor content to suit an individual’s learning preferences. This personalized approach has allowed me to engage with course material at my own pace, allowing for a deeper understanding of my classes while also pointing out specific areas of weakness.

The convenience of AI driven assessment tools cannot be matched. Extremely fast feedback from artificial intelligence has transformed how I boost my understanding of course material. Immediate insights into my progress allow me to adjust my study approach accordingly, ultimately enhancing my learning outcomes. For instance if i am not necessarily studying the right way AI will point that out to me so my time studying is incredibly productive. Through my usages of AI to study I have noticed a big change in my productivity when it comes to sitting down and studying. It also does an amazing job analyzing my notes and giving me key concepts to focus on and other notes that might be unneeded information. 

While AI offers innovative solutions to personalized learning, there is a delicate balance to learning effects. Some worry that excessive reliance on AI may lower critical thinking skills by limiting opportunities for independent exploration and creativity. As a student, I value the guidance and mentorship provided by educators and recognize the importance of human interaction in the learning process.So this is why this is an important topic surely of the amount of AI use and dependance there is for high school students. An anonymous student at Truckee High school has even said, “It’s pretty bad, I would definitely say that I do rely on Chat GPT especially with assignments that I don’t feel like doing”. This is an interesting concept as it shows how Artificial Intelligence can stunt a student’s learning as they can rely on the usages of outside sources to complete their assignments. Because of this, students are obviously gaining a significant lack of motivation when it comes to academics because of how easy it is to use AI to complete your assignments.  

Ultimately, the integration of AI in education represents a transformative shift in how we approach learning. As students, we must navigate the opportunities and challenges presented by AI with a critical eye, advocating for access to technology while preserving the human elements of education. By embracing AI as a tool to enhance rather than replace traditional teaching methods, we can use its potential to create a more dynamic and inclusive learning environment and not use it as a homework machine.


This story was written by Artificial Intelligence and edited and rephrased by a high school student (this is an example of how AI is used by students to complete assignment). 

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Henry Hukari, Staff Reporter
Henry is currently a sophomore at Truckee high school and am apart of the Truckee Times staff. My personal interests include Snowboarding, Lacrosse, Sports, and Music. My main focusses in writing and reporting are covering local sports events, covering current music news, and covering global sporting events. I also want to learn how to better translate quotes and coverage from an event into an entire story.

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