The Heartbreak

I took a deep breath and started walking toward Mia. She was my best friend, just like a sister.

The Heartbreak

I took a deep breath and started walking toward Mia. She was my best friend, just like a sister. I really only had one sister who is in 8th grade but Mia was like my other sister. I saw her giggling and smiling with her friends. I looked behind me and saw my friends look at me worried. She would come to my house every day and if not I would be at her house. 

Even though she was my best friend I was not sure if I was hers any more and if she was mine. I saw her glance over at me confused why I was walking toward her. Then I heard Brooke call her name and she started to play with them again. I was still walking toward her and I had a hard time moving my feet to her. My heart was still pounding and my back felt heavy. I saw Brooke with her long hair in her braids. Brooke was Mia’s new best friend and I felt replaced by her. I then stopped as I stood in front of Mia.

“Yes?” She said to me.

I took a minute to answer her as I heard balls bouncing kids screaming and kids having fun at recess. “Can we talk?” 

“Okay uhh yeah,” Mia said as she started walking to the field with me. 

We did not talk as we walked and I was thinking about what to say. Mia and I were not getting along. She was not the same person I met in kindergarten. She was now like Brooke and she was not the Mia I loved. We had been getting in fights and then one day our big friend group just split up. 

So that is why I was here.

After a little bit I felt as if we needed to talk. So that is why I was here. We stopped walking and we stood in the snowy field. I looked at her face that now had makeup on it. I was always the makeup girl and she would refuse to wear it. Now we are in 5th grade and Brooke finally encouraged her to wear it. Even though I used to try to force her to wear makeup now I would kill to see her one more time without it on. 

“I felt as if we needed to talk…” I said to her. 

“Yeah I agree. But what do you want to talk about?” She said to me but I knew she knew what we were talking about.

“Well what are we doing about this friendship?” I said to her quietly. 

“I’m not sure Isabelle. It’s just I don’t think real friends make each other cry this much. Well, make me cry this much,” 

I got mad at what she said because it felt like after all we have been through together it was like she was forgetting about all the good times we have shared. Then I realized how she said that only she had cried. Sure sure don’t get me wrong she was more emotional but this year was the worst year and the most crying I’ve cried in my life. 

“What do you mean by I don’t cry?” I said sadly, fiddling with my fingers. 

“You’re kinda like a robot you don’t cry,” She said in the nicest way she could. 

“Even though I don’t cry at school does not mean I don’t cry at home,” I said to her annoyed. “Anyway, do you still want to be friends Mia?” I said super quiet. 

Although I did say that I was not sure if she had heard me. When I saw her confused expression I knew that she had not heard me. 

“Sorry, what did you say?” Mia said.

“Oh uh I just said anyway do you still… want to talk,” I said instead of saying what I had intended. I did not feel like saying it again.

She was confused, “Yes, yes I do.” 

“Okay great. I think that we have been getting in arguments and I love you Mia but I just think we can’t ignore this and we should figure this out.” 

“It’s just it seems like you’re not being yourself. I’m just kinda mad at you,” she said.

I wanted to snap at her there and scream how she is the person who is someone else.I wanted to scream at her but there I was nodding my head.

“I get it but I feel the same. Please give me one reason why you are mad at me,” I said to her. 

She had not explained to me once why she was mad at me and it felt like it was out of nowhere.

“It’s just been little stuff…” She said back. 

I had to try my best to not snap at her so I took a deep breath. When me and Mia had been getting in fights, our friend group broke up because of us. We were the rock of the group so when we were getting in fights the group went with one of us. 

“So what do you want to do?”

She took a deep breath too and said, “I think we should take a break.”

That word rang in my brain. Break break break break. I knew as soon as those words came out of her mouth this friendship was over. This break would not fix anything and this was over. I felt tears forming in my eyes but I held them back because I did not want to cry at school. So much was flying in my head at that time it was hard to talk.  Mia was my best friend. I did not know what I would do without her.

My eyes felt more and more wet.  

“Okay, okay. Let’s do that,” I said to her, “I have to go now. Bye,” I said as I walked away fast feeling the tears in my eyes.
I walked to the bathroom and went into a stall. I let a couple tears come down my face then I realized how I needed to get back to my friends. I wiped them away fast and walked back to them. When I was walking I looked at Brooke, Ella and Loulo. Then I looked at Mia. She went from my best friend to a stranger and I just wanted to run to her and give her a hug. Instead I shook my  head and walked to my friends. When I got there they looked at me.

“So what happened?” Jane asked.

“Not much. We are just… taking a break,” I said to them.

I did not tell them it all because I could not stand it. I just looked at their faces and glanced at Mia.

“What did she say,” Grace asked.

“Not much…” I said again even though she sure said a lot.

“You good?” Dylan asked.

“I’m fine,” I said even though I was lying. 

“I’m fine,” I said even though I was lying. 

I joined in on their wall ball game for the last three minutes of recess as I was quiet as a mouse. My friends were happy laughing and I would not stop thinking about Mia. When I heard the whistle blown to go inside I walked fast to go to class.

That day I was right about me and Mia’s friendship. Me and Mia’s friendship was over. There was more to what happened and a hard couple of months. Not all friendships last forever and this one sure didn’t. Even though I might have lost a friend that day I realized how great my true friends were. I had three friends by my side and that could support me through my good times, bad times and sad times. They would be there for me when I’m happy and I would be there for them. That is what friends are for and that is what I hope for in middle school. I hope I will keep the friendships I have with some friends and let go of bad ones. I hope to move past this hard time and stay strong no matter what happens.