The Last Day of Second Grade

The Last Day of Second Grade

“More water!”

Everyone’s screaming and shouting. Glenshire Elementary can be respectful, fun, and happy. It can also be noisy and overwhelming though, especially when you’re in second grade.

It was the last day of school and almost every year a fire truck comes and sprays water at us. I’m running around through the crowd trying to find my mom and my little brother, Colden. Honestly I’m not that worried, she’s probably chit chatting with another grown up. I want to find her and grab her shirt and get the heck out of here.

Although I also really don’t want to leave because at the end they hand out popsicles. My mouth starts watering just thinking about it. I try to distract myself by thinking about how much longer we would  have to stay here.

Then right when I’m beginning to lose my focus, I trip on someone’s foot. I fall and put my arm out to stop myself from falling flat on my face. My knee hits the ground right as my arm does. I got up just a little scraped and bruised. It just makes me madder. I don’t know where my friends are but right now I don’t want them.

“Honey, are you okay? I didn’t mean to trip you.”  

I turn around to see a woman who looks around fifty years old with brown hair with some white streaks in it. She’s wearing jeans and a purple sweatshirt.

“Ya, I’m fine, thanks. ” I try my best to sound all grown up and like nothing happened. 

“Okay, well have fun!” She says with an annoying smile on her face. With that she turns around and starts talking to the person she was talking to. I look up into the bright sun, then look around.

Kindergarteners are running around chasing each other. Fifth graders and fourth graders are screaming, trying to yell at the fire fighters to spray some other kids. I decided to stop trying to find my mom and brother and get blasted by the water from the hose because I was baking hot. I duck under some people trying to make my way to the center of the crowd.

There’s always a chance to make it a great day.

Just then a huge blast of water hits all around where I am. It surprises me and gives me the chills, but totally wakes me up. I stay there for a few more sprays until suddenly they stop. I’m soaked, but I still want more.

“Were out of water,” I hear him say over all the noise.

All the kids go nuts and there is a lot of commotion. I actually want it to keep going and I really want to stay.

“We want more! We want more!”

The crowd starts shouting. I joined in. I was having a great time now.


I whip around looking all around me. I spot Colden and my mom heading toward me. I weave through people and finally get to them.

“Avery, I had know idea where you were,”She says in a strict, but also worried voice.

I wanted to scream at her and say, ‘Oh ya well I didn’t know where you were, sucker,’ but I knew better. I did not want to get into a bad mood again. So instead I said,

“I really didn’t know where you were either and I was looking everywhere. Finally I gave up.”

“Okay, but next time you have to stay with me and be more patient.”

I nod my head. People are still shouting. The fireman gives up on explaining that he has no more water and climbs down from the top of the fire truck. I can not believe it is already over. Colden has two friends that are in kindergarten with him and he was playing some sort of game with them on the black top. That’s when I see kids with popsicles.

“Let’s get a popsicle,”I said excitedly and I dragged my mom by her shirt over to the stand. There’s a long line of kids, but at that point I don’t care. I line up behind a group of boys that are just a little older than me. I’m shivering because of how soaked I am and because it’s pretty cold out. It was probably in the 50’s or something.

“Do you want my sweatshirt?” My mom askes.

“Yes please.”

I lose my anger in her because she’s being so nice. 

Once I get up to the place where I have to choose which type of popsicle I want I have such a hard time. I remember the big line and all the waiting and try to go faster so the line moves faster. I was trying to choose from the flavor green apple or orange. I had never tried orange and I decided to give it a try.

“Orange please,” I say. 

She hands me a big popsicle and I get really excited. I go over to the pavement to lay down and sunbathe. I take off my mom’s sweatshirt so I don’t get it dirty.

Ahhhhhh! The blacktop was so warm, especially with the sun on my back. I let the popsicle drip onto the pavement. My mom was chit chatting yet again with another random person.

And then I had that feeling that I only have once in a while. It’s where I don’t care about anything else and I’m just so happy and I don’t even know why. It makes me so happy. It’s like time is frozen in place and happiness is just surrounding me. 

That’s the best memory I’ve ever had from Glenshire elementary.

I hope that I have a great experience at ACMS. I also hope that they do some fun stuff at the end of the year. I’m excited for all the sports you get to try out for and do at ACMS too. Glenshire can be great but also it’s rough sometimes too.

You should always make the best out of every moment even if you are having a bad time. There’s always a chance to make it a great day.