Getting Involved

A community is what makes a town special. When a community comes together amazing things can happen to make the world a better place. 

All Truckee High students are required to complete a certain number of hours of community service in order to graduate. The class of 2023 must complete eight hours, 2024 sixteen hours, 2025 twenty-four hours, and 2026 thirty hours.  There are many opportunities for students to volunteer for something they feel passionate about instead of just going through the motions of meeting their hours. 

Volunteering locally can make a difference in a community and luckily for Truckee High Students there is a variety of opportunities close by. 

Give Back Tahoe, a division of the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, is an organization that has several volunteer opportunities posted online that are easy to choose from. 

Are you interested in volunteering at the Humane Society? Possibly volunteering in the summer for Clean Up Tahoe? Or even for Sierra Seniors? How about coaching young kids in your favorite sport?

Ella Hoyer is a freshman at Truckee High School who volunteers for an organization called Clean Up The Lake. 

Clean Up The Lake is committed to picking up trash around the lake to create a cleaner environment. Hoyer states “I like partnering with Collin and his non-profit Clean Up the Lake because together we accomplish a shared goal of raising awareness and protecting Donner Lake.”

Hoyer’s goal was to not only clean up the trash in the lake but to also get signs installed on all docks so that people would be more aware of the issue. 

Hoyer continues “My favorite part about this whole experience has been working with like-minded, caring people in our community to make a difference and show people that the kids in our community are strong and can make positive change.”

Ella Hoyer volunteers for something she is passionate about and you can do the same. 

It can be hard for a student to find time for volunteering with such busy lives. However, it’s a small thing that can be beneficial locally and can even be rewarding to the student themself. Finding an activity that fits both your schedule and your interest is the key to having a successful volunteer experience.
Volunteering can help one connect with others, advance a passion, and learn new skills while helping people in need. 

You can gain great experiences from volunteering by making sure you get the most out of the opportunity. It’s important to ask questions, understand what’s expected, make sure the fit is right for you, and most importantly enjoy yourself. 

Meals on Wheels is another excellent example of a volunteer opportunity that not only benefits the community, but you as well. 

Meals on Wheels is a delivery service in which meals are delivered to homebound seniors who either have limited meals or no means for meal preparation. 

This organization is open to anyone of age 18 and older who has a valid California or Nevada driver’s license who are looking to deliver meals. 

Delivery drivers are needed Monday through Friday starting at 10:30 am. 

Meals on Wheels volunteer hours are flexible and very accommodating. Drivers can volunteer for two days a week, one day, or can even serve as a backup drivers. 

Submit your application here if you are interested in volunteering for Meals on Wheels. 

Volunteering can be fun and can even be rewarding. Many volunteer hours are flexible and therefore you can pick whether you want to volunteer on a regular basis, or once a month. 

When a community or town comes together it can help create an even stronger world. One small step from an individual can have an enormous impact. Volunteers can lead the way and set examples for others to follow. 

Next time you volunteer, remember that when you are of service to others you gain so much in return.