Weekly Horoscopes November 7th-18th

Disclaimer: Horoscopes should not be used to make life decisions or be taken too seriously. Horoscopes are good for the next two weeks after initial publish date.

Aries: You have people close to you, but you may have had trouble communicating with them. Fret not. Take the time to reach out with those you may feel this problem with. Getting out of your own head may help you voice your feelings. 

Taurus: You may be feeling self centered lately and perhaps your actions reflect that. The time for your needs to be met will come. This time is not now.

Gemini: You have been on that work grind. You may feel as if your efforts have gone unnoticed, but that won’t be the case for long. Make sure to dress for success because the day you get noticed is soon. 

Cancer: At the moment it is best to face facts even if you wish those facts were not so factual. 

Leo: Go to a waterfall or river and meditate. You may have been facing confusion in your life at the moment but a solid 15 minutes of meditation will do you well.

Virgo: A Scorpio close to you will secretly be your biggest hater for the next two weeks. Any compliments they give you are fake. 

Libra: Your gut instinct is stronger than you know. Follow it and you will not be lead astray. 

Scorpio: A Virgo you know may be feeling a bit down about their work. Pay them a compliment. It will go further than you could ever know. 

Sagittarius: You’re the idea person in situations. Your ideas very good so you may detect someone copying you and possibly stealing your clout. Today is not a day to spend putting people in their place however. Take this imitation as a sign that your ideas are the thing and keep on keeping on.

Capricorn: Pretend you are a bakery and need to keep your bread in order. Cut down on any unnecessary spending and keep a steady income stream open if you already have one. 

Aquarius: You’re worth more than others know. Keep this knowledge in mind as you move forward. Stand up for what you want because you. are. worth. it. girl.

Pisces: Going off the beaten path will do you good. Do what you’ve been on the fence about and you will find that that you’re better off because of it.