Lasting Effects of Among Us

Lasting Effects of Among Us

Among Us was created in 2018 but didn’t become popular until 2020 during distance learning and lasted about a year “dying” ( when a meme isn’t considered funny anymore ) in mid-2021. It was streamed by popular YouTubers and new slang was created like “sus”, “Imposter” and “baka”. And even though it has been almost a year since among us “died” its slang still persists even to this day.

Some language was forgotten, like “self-report” and “baka”. But sus has become common vocabulary. Created as a way of abbreviating “suspicious” so it was easier to write in a chat. Examples of people saying Among Us slang:

“Bruh you’re being mad sus” – Cassidy Bankert


“Sussy baka style” – AJ Taylor

“Cosure pickles are allegially sus” – Max Knowling

“When the Imposter is SUS”- Ethan Linde

“My daughter said the word ‘Sus’ and it freaks me out”- Alexander Close

“ Idk I’m sus of Cormac ”- Hope Smith

“Idk sounds pretty sus”- Ella Hennessey

And it’s not just slang that has affected society. People saw the Among us “player” everywhere, from mailboxes to fire alarms:

And surprisingly someone also found love in Among Us, I had an interview with a person at this school ( They said they did not want their name in the article ) her “among us romance” started on a round and they shared Snapchats in the party chat, she said and I quote:

“Among us brought meaning to my romantic life, and I found my life partner through it.”

Although among us has influenced modern slang, there are some people who want among us slang to not be a thing or reject saying the words because they feel like its cringe:

“I hate Everything about among us slang” – Katelyn Hames

“Sometimes I’m about to say sus unironically and I stop myself because its cringe” – AJ Taylor

“ I feel like inside of the game its ok, but out of the game it’s stupid And it makes your IQ drop in my mind” – Emily Bousquet

“I F***Ing Hate Among us” – Logan Selander

Most people share this sentiment, They suppress the unconscious thought to say the slang, or have buried Among Us in their minds.

Among Us will be forgotten and be a distant memory for our generation, until one day you find yourself thinking or saying “sus” and the nostalgia will all come back and you’ll remember what made distance learning bearable. It connected people when we weren’t allowed to be together even though it was cringe no one can deny it came at a good time for us all.