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Casa Bieza Review


Last weekend, I was fortunate to eat delicious food at Casa Baeza in Truckee, California. I was very impressed with the restaurant’s authentic Mexican environment, which makes you want to eat delicious Mexican food. From an environmental perspective, the vibe was set through live Mexican music, spicy complimentary chips and salsa, and excellent service from all of the staff.

Because I was thrilled about some Mexican food, I decided to time it from when I ordered my food to when it was served on my table. I was exceptionally surprised by the speed of service as this process only took 13 minutes to serve everyone at my table. Because of this incredible speed, it saves time for customers as they don’t need to wait a long time for their food, and it also creates a very successful amount of business for the restaurant as they are able to serve more guests a night because of their fast service. Although their fast supervision is not alone, they sometimes gave Carrie Towers a chummy change rather than the taco plate she ordered.
Carrie Towers  told me, “I really wanted a chimmy chonga but these tacos are great!” Of course, busy restaurants like Casa Bieza can sometimes mess up orders, and apparently, Carrie was pretty satisfied with her taco plate. Casa Bieza is particularly famous for its skinny, spicy margarita. Still, they are also very beloved for their dishes like the Taco salad, the Tostada, Enchiladas, and many other excellent dishes.

Lucy Hukari was extremely satisfied with her experience at Casa Bieza. She ordered the enchiladas and was filled with joy. She told me, “That was bussing!”. Bussin is Gen Z terminology that essentially means really good. This tells me to definitely think about getting the “bussing” enchiladas next time I visit Casa Bieza.

Last weekend, I decided to take a simpler order of just a bean rice and cheese burrito, and I was shocked at how flavorful it was. I had never had a plain burrito that was that flavorful before, so I was very excited about my simple order. I topped the order off with a nice Mexican Coca-Cola, which is always the way to go at an authentic Mexican restaurant. In general, I was incredibly impressed with the service and food that Casa Bieza provided.

I would highly recommend this restaurant to Tahoe locals as the food is the bomb, and it has a very nice local scene. I saw a lot of familiar faces when I was there. It has a very strong sense of community and genuine Truckee pride. The only setback that Casa Bieza provided was customers in the bar area. There was a group of people who were pretty intoxicated and were quite annoying as their loud, yelling voices were not quite in tune. But it seemed like a cool karaoke scene. That aside, Casa Bieza is a very authentic, good restaurant in downtown Truckee that you should check out.

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Henry Hukari, Staff Reporter
Henry is currently a sophomore at Truckee high school and am apart of the Truckee Times staff. My personal interests include Snowboarding, Lacrosse, Sports, and Music. My main focusses in writing and reporting are covering local sports events, covering current music news, and covering global sporting events. I also want to learn how to better translate quotes and coverage from an event into an entire story.

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