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Is Jazz Making a Comeback?

Is Jazz Making a Comeback?
Avery Chappell

The song “From the Start” by Laufey comes on and you are instantly hit with amazing orchestral tones, jazzy rhythms, and the beautiful voice that is Laufey. 

Laufey is a very talented Chinese- Icelandic Artist that focuses mainly on Jazz as her genre of choice. She has an amazing range of vocals, bouncing between high and low notes, as well as playing with rhythm, and adding a bit of vibrato into her voice. 

Many of her songs sound similar, yet she always manages to find a way to introduce new tones, moods, and instruments into her music. 

Often exploring love, and heartbreak, many of her songs take on a ballad-like tone that introduces a strong feminine character that does not need a man to survive, unlike many Jazz genre songs popular in the 1920s-40s. 

Her mother, a classical violinist, was one of her biggest inspirations as a young child which brought classical music into her home at an early age. Her Twin sister, Junia is also a classical violinist and often accompanies her on stage playing the violin. 

“Although she grew up playing the cello and the piano and listening to early 20th-century jazz, Laufey likes to draw inspiration from contemporary pop artists too (in particular Taylor Swift).” (Vogue Scandinavia

Much like Taylor swift, she tells stories with her angelic vocals, accompanied by an orchestra that tells her story beyond words. This is what makes her so unique. She uses various instruments like the cello, violin, harp, piano, etc. to tell her story, adding layers upon layers of depth to a song. 

She also uses many metaphors in her songs, creating a strong sense of poetry among her many different songs. No matter the topic, she never ceases to expand upon her feelings in incredible detail. 

She has even won her first Grammy Award for her Album, Bewitched which was released in 2023. She won Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. This was truly amazing as it was her first ever Grammy nomination. 

“Laufey’s self-assured musicianship and deeply felt lyrics take the idea of “classical” music, whether it’s slotted as classical or jazz—or even chart-topping pop—and humanize it, creating a deep-seated connection with listeners that goes deeper than hitting “play” on a streaming service.” (Laufey’s Website

She brings back the beauty of Jazz that has long since been deemed as “ Boring” due to its slow rhythm, and classical instrumental choices. Jazz is characterized by its ability to communicate thoughts, feelings, and emotions simply through vocals and mainly instrumental interpretations. 

Jazz captures the beauty of life, the way that a warm hug feels, how a flower smells, how a warm summer morning feels. 

It is far from boring, and should be given a second chance especially amongst the Millennial and Gen Z years. 

Jazz should be considered a way to convey emotions and feelings without words, especially those feelings that cannot be described. Rather than a “ time waster” because it does not contain the attention grabbing sounds that society has grown so fond of.

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About the Contributor
Avery Chappell, Staff Reporter
Avery is currently a Junior, and she is interested in environmental writing, as well as editing and helping lead the broadcast branch of the journalism class/club. She is an aspiring set designer and has recently been hired by Truckee Community Theater to create sets for their productions. She also volunteers for Truckee High's Theater, and Glenshire Elementary's Theater making costumes, sets, props, and stage managing.

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