Golden Debate


The question about which flavor of burrito from local Mexican restaurant Golden Rotisserie is the tastiest, has been subject for debate between Truckee High students for as long as people can remember. The student body can not seem to agree on whether the tri-tip, chicken, pork, or veggie burrito is best.

In this article “professional” food critics Cormac Linde, Emily Bousquet, and I (AJ Taylor) review the four flavors and give their thoughts.

The first burrito reviewed was the tri-tip.

Cormac and Emily noted that the tri-tip was lacking distinct flavor; with Emily even saying that the tri-tip “doesn’t add much.” I observed that “the tri-tip to other stuff ratio” seemed off with other ingredients being more prominent than the meat.

The next burrito reviewed was the pork.

We all agreed that the pork was better than the tri-tip considering the meat actually had a noticeable flavor, but Cormac thought that it didn’t really work in the burrito. At this point we were 0/2 for getting a good burrito so we were wary of the next one.

The third burrito we reviewed was the veggie.

Oh good heavens! This one was bad. Emily liked it the most, but still referred to it as “mediocre” while I questioned what the flavor was even supposed to be. Cormac mentioned that this vegetable concoction was “barely swallowable.” We all thought the burrito would be differently prepared, but instead, it was like any other Golden burrito, but with lettuce in place of the meat. LIKE WHAT????? HUH??? This perplexed all of us.

With wary minds, we moved on to the fourth and final burrito, the chicken. one

Cormac and I both found the chicken to be disappointing. Emily thought there was less chicken in the burrito than normal.

Overall the three of us were quite disappointed. We had all had Golden Rotisserie burritos in the past and all agreed that the burritos had tasted much better in the past. We thought it was because we had gotten the burritos right as the restaurant opened rather than at rush hour, but we really aren’t sure.

We ranked the burritos on the top being the best and the bottom being the worst.

  1. Pork
  2. Tri-tip
  3. Chicken
  4. Anything else
  5. Veggie