Foods that are Fuel

Feeling tired lately? Finding it hard to focus in class? Not performing at your best? This could be a result of not eating fueling foods.

Eating foods that give you energy is a must for everyone but especially for students. If you’re not consuming foods that are healthy and that will give you energy throughout the day, then you will not perform at your best.

According to Athletic Director Erika Murphy, 70% of students who attend Truckee High school are student-athletes, and healthy eating habits are crucial to be able to strive for your goals as a student-athlete. Consuming foods that contain protein, grains, carbohydrates, and dairy will fuel you and give you the energy that will last longer than consuming sugars, refined carbs, or highly processed foods. 

Some foods that are high in carbohydrates and protein include meats, nuts, and fish. If you are a student some options for lunch and snacks could be beef jerky, chicken, trail mix, tuna sandwiches, and more. 

Naomi Adams, a sophomore lacrosse player, says that some of her favorite snacks include carrots and hummus, peanut butter, and energy bites. “I make my own energy bites at home with chia seeds, flax seeds, rolled oats, and peanut butter,” Adams said. “This is a perfect lightweight snack that I enjoy eating before I exercise.” She also enjoys carrots and hummus. She explains how it is another lightweight snack that is easy and a snack she can eat before her sports practice and even at school during break or lunch.  

Maxwell Knowling, a Truckee High football player states that his go-to pre-game snack is peanut butter and jelly. “It leaves me feeling fulfilled and ready to do anything and to perform at my best.” Nowling also recommends Robert Irvine crunch bars. He enjoys eating them during the school day and before practice. 

Junior soccer player Lylah Kelly enjoys having protein smoothies before her soccer practices or games and even during the school day. She also makes sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. “When I eat healthy foods like fruits or vegetables I feel way more energized and motivated,” Kelly said. “When I don’t eat healthy fueling foods I often feel tired or less motivated with not a lot of energy.” 

Eating fueling foods that give you long-lasting energy throughout the day will help you perform better and focus in school. You can use some of these students’ ideas for future snack ideas and pre-workout/sports practice meals.